Harlequin fish

The Harlequin fish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range - 30 m environment.

Harlequin fish has Trigonostigma Heteromorpha as the genus name and it’s also known as Red Rasbora or Harlequin Rasbora. This species can be found in Asia, in countries like Indonesia or Thailand. It can get to a length of 4.5cm (1. More

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Harlequin fish is one of the aquarium keeper’s favorites, since the fish have colorful figures. The fish are shaped like wedges, which blue-black shades setoff its rosy pink and violet forms. More

Harlequin fishThe Harlequin is an old favourite, it was introduced to aquariums as long ago as 1906. Harlequins are peaceful, non-aggressive fish, and are ideal for a community aquarium of like-minded fish. More

In comparison to other Rasboras, the Harlequin Fish is stocky and tall with a convex underside. They are a silverish with a blackish blue tiangular-shaped mark beginning in the mid-section and becoming narrower and extending almost to the caudal fin. More

The base colour of harlequin fish can vary immensely from red or orange, right through to yellow or brown. They often have darker blotches around the head and body. More

The Harlequin fish is endemic to Australia, it is only found in the waters of southern Australia, extending from the central coast of Victoria to south-western Australia. Harlequin fish inhabit exposed coastal rocky reefs and reef drop offs to 30 metres in depth. More

AKA: Harlequin fish, Harlequin Het, Red Rasbora Adult size: 1. More

Harlequin fish are not much for breeding. The fish pair in well-conditioned waters, or peaty waters. The balance preferred is pH-6, pH-2, or hard water at 40-ppm. Harlequin fish mate while turned upside down at a leaf surface. More

Common names

Chinese lantern in English
Harlequin cod in English
Harlequin fish in English
Harlequin rock cod in English
Tiger cod in English
犬牙帆花鮨 in Chinese (中文)
犬牙帆花鮨 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Serranidae
Genus : Othos
Species : Othos dentex
Authority : Cuvier, 1828