Common conger

The cape conger, Conger wilsoni, is a conger of the family Congridae, found around southern Australia and the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

The Common conger lives in the reef-associated, brackish, marine, depth range - 30 m environment.

The common conger, Conger verreauxi, is a conger of the family Congridae, found in the eastern Indian Ocean and south west Pacific Ocean, including southern Australia and New Zealand, at depths down to 100 m in broken rocky reef areas. More

Common conger; Conger conger; Common pike conger; Conger; Conger orbignianus; Conger myriaster; Conger wilsoni; Conger verreauxi; Conger triporiceps; Conger cinereus; Conger oceanicus; Californian conger; Guinean conger; Blackspot conger; Mulatto conger; Bandtooth conger; European conger; Hardtail conger; Hairy conger; Conger eel; More

The common conger: (Conger verreauxi) This one being the most common or wide spred. 2. More

Common names

cape conger in English
Common conger in English
Common conger-eel in English
Conger eel in English
Conger eel in informal latinized name (vernacular concept only)
Congrio in South American Indian (Other)
Congrio in Spanish (español)
Congro in Portuguese (Português)
Congro in Spanish (español)
Eastern conger in English
European conger eel in English
Kaapse seepaling in Afrikaans
Moray in English
Northern conger in English
Safio de Cabo in Portuguese (Português)
Short-finned conger eel in English
Úhořovec wilsonův in Czech (česky)
Wilson's conger eel in English
威氏康吉鰻 in Mandarin Chinese
威氏康吉鳗 in Mandarin Chinese
威氏弱头鳗 in Mandarin Chinese
威氏弱頭鰻 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Anguilliformes
Family : Congridae
Genus : Conger
Species : Conger wilsoni
Authority : Bloch & Schneider, 1801