Striped stingaree

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The Striped stingaree lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 4 - 43 m environment.

Striped Stingaree Pictures - Trygonoptera ovalis Images Striped stingray / Striped Stingaree file size 6 megapixels. More

View more Striped Stingaree Pictures in the Shark Pictures Database Common Names: Striped stingaree, Bight stingaree. Latin Name: Trygonoptera ovalis Family: Urolophidae Identification: Disc oval without pointed snout. More

The striped stingaree (Trygonoptera ovalis) is a species of fish in the Urolophidae family. It is endemic to Australia. Its natural habitats are open seas, shallow seas, subtidal aquatic beds, and coral reefs. More

the description of the Striped Stingaree given in the "Sea Fishes of Southern Australia" (Hutchins and Swainston) but not only is that species said in that book to be known only from Southern WA, it is not even mentioned in the "Complete Divers and Fisherman's Guide to More

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* Striped stingaree, Trygonoptera ovalis Last & Gomon, 1987. * Masked stingaree, Trygonoptera personata Last & Gomon, 1987. * Common stingaree, Trygonoptera testacea M�ller & Henle, 1841. More

Common names

Bight stingaree in English
Common stingaree in English
Gestreepte doornrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Striped stingaree in English
Trnucha nahá in Czech (česky)
卵形鷂扁魟 in Mandarin Chinese
卵形鹞扁魟 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Urolophidae
Genus : Trygonoptera
Species : Trygonoptera ovalis
Authority : Last and Gomon, 1987