Jewelled wrasse

The Jewelled wrasse lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 5 - 15 m environment.

Jewelled wrasse, cutribbon wrasse, spottail coris Egg diameter in µm Number of oil globules Diameter of oil globule in µm Yolk texture Perivitelline space More

* Jewelled wrasse, Halichoeres lapillus Smith, 1947; collected at Aliwal. * Divided wrasse, Macropharyngodon bipartitus Smith, 1957; collected at Aliwal. More

try a jewelled wrasse mate good colours and totally laid back this fish has no interest in any of the tank mates or corals Great fish Go to the top of the page +Quote Post reef boy 2002 Rating: 0 View Member Profile More

Hi has anyone got a jewelled wrasse available, in the midlands or i think its a 6 lined wrasse might be less lines cant remember, got a bit of a flatworm issue in my new tank, been syphoning them out, and was gonna buy one from a pet shop but More

Common names

Girelle à petits cailloux in French (français)
jewelled wrasse in English
Juweel-lipvis in Afrikaans
宝石海猪鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
宝石海猪鱼 in Unknown
寶石海豬魚 in Mandarin Chinese
寶石海豬魚 in Unknown

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Halichoeres
Species : Halichoeres lapillus
Authority : Smith, 1947