Asterorhombus filifer

The Asterorhombus filifer lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 3 - 57 m environment.

Asterorhombus filifer check for this species in other resources , is described from 19 specimens. It is easily separated from A. bleekeri, A. osculus, and A. annulatus by its palmate gill-rakers and its detached and longer first dorsal-fin ray. It is distinguished from A. More

Asterorhombus filifer is the most wide-ranging species of the genus, extending from the western Indian Ocean to the Hawaiian and Society islands, and is the only species of Asterorhombus occurring on the Pacific Plate. More

Asterorhombus filifer - Indo-Pacific Region Keywords 1924 (35), african (671), aquatic (195), asterorhombus, biodiversity (349), bothidae, dannie, filifer, flatfish (3), genus (16), hensley, indo (14), institute (3083), john (855), new (2604), pacific (1015), pleuronectiformes, publication (1270), randall (22), More

Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Bothidae
Genus : Asterorhombus
Species : Asterorhombus filifer
Authority : Hensley & Randall, 2003