Tomtate grunt

The Tomtate grunt lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range - 30 m environment.

Tomtate grunt ( Haemulon aurolineatum ) Gulf of Mexico 3113 thumbnail picture Striped grunt ( Haemulon striatum ) Gulf of Mexico 3114 thumbnail picture More

Common names

Bocayate muellito in Spanish (español)
Cacharo in Spanish (español)
Caesar in English
Caesar in Papiamento
Canolchi in Papiamento
Corcoroca in Portuguese (Português)
Cotinga in Portuguese (Português)
Cuji in Spanish (español)
Gold-lined grunt in English
Gorette tomtate in French (français)
Hemulon pasecznik in Polish (polski)
Jeniguano in Spanish (español)
Jeniguano bocón in Spanish (español)
Lille vestatlantisk gryntefisk in Danish (dansk)
Mamelochi in Papiamento
Mariquita in Spanish (español)
Maruca in Spanish (español)
Mula in Spanish (español)
Mulita in Spanish (español)
Redmouth grunt in English
redmouthed grunt in English
Ronco in Spanish (español)
Ronco bravo in Spanish (español)
Ronco jeníguano in Spanish (español)
ronco jeníguaro in Spanish (español)
Sandy goggle in English
Sapuruna in Portuguese (Português)
Sapuruna-branca in Portuguese (Português)
Seize in English
Taiseiyou-isaki in Japanese (日本語)
Toctoc in Papiamento
Toktok in Papiamento
tomtate in English
Tomtate grunt in English
White grunt in English
Xira in Portuguese (Português)
Xira-branca in Portuguese (Português)
Xira-dourada in Portuguese (Português)
Yellow tomtate in English
Yellow-lined tomtate in English
Young grunt in English
Zafiro in Spanish (español)
深海石鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
深海石鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
西仿石鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
西仿石鲈 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Haemulidae
Genus : Haemulon
Species : Haemulon aurolineatum
Authority : Cuvier, 1830