Crocodile fish

They are predatory bottom-dwelling fish, using their camouflage to ambush their prey.

The Crocodile fish lives in the reef-associated, non-migratory, marine, depth range 1 - 8 m , usually 2 - 3 m environment.

Beauforts crocodile fish lives on sandy or rubble substrates near mangroves, seagrass or coral reefs, in very shallow water down to at least 30 meters. The rough and mottled nature of the substrate mimics the pattern on the fish, allowing for camouflage. More

crocodile fish are an Antarctican fish Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia. More

The crocodile fish, Cymbacephalus beauforti, is non-migratory and is generally associated with marine reefs from 19°N to 23°S, at depths of 1 to 8 m. More

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The crocodile fish; Cymbacephalus beauforti is a favorite of ours. Unlike its other family members, our encounters with this fish have occurred during the day. More

There are several crocodile fish alive today that show the seemingly inevitable evolution of that kind of jaw and way of life. Crocodiles and alligators are best known for their mouths, and rightly so. More

Crocodile Fish, Cymbacephalus beauforti, photographed in the "Creek" (Sharm Obhur), north of Jeddah, Red Sea. Frequently observed at "Al Bilad" Beach outside the mouth of the Creek. More

Four-inch crocodile fish, Butis butis - not a nice fish. Predatory lurker. Habitat: Crazy fish live in marine, brackish, and freshwater. They live in rivers and mangrove swamps. They like lots of cover to hide within and/or behind. More

Crocodile fish in Koh Haa Posted by: diveandrelax in Diving, tags: Andaman Sea, crocodile fish, koh haa, Thailand The visibility was not on its best yesterday on our dive to Koh Haa. More

The Crocodile Fish is an unusual fish aptly named for its camouflage markings and patient, predatory behavior. In the wild, this ambush predator inhabits flooded forests or stagnant peat swamps of Southeast Asia. More

The elongated body of the Peppermint Crocodile Fish is marked with iridescent spots that run across the dark, dominant stripe that stretches from mouth to tail. More

Common names

Braunkopf-Plattkopf in German (Deutsch)
Crocodile fish in English
crocodilefish in English
De Beaufort's flathead in English
Krokodillefisk in Danish (dansk)
Poisson-crocodile de Beaufort in French (français)
博氏孔鯒 in Mandarin Chinese
博氏孔鲬 in Mandarin Chinese
牛尾 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Platycephalidae
Genus : Cymbacephalus
Species : Cymbacephalus beauforti
Authority : Knapp, 1973