Reef squirrelfish

The Reef squirrelfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 30 m , usually - 22 m environment.

Reef squirrelfish; Squirrelfish; Spotfin squirrelfish; Dusky squirrelfish; Violet squirrelfish; Blackblotch squirrelfish; Speckled squirrelfish; Threespot squirrelfish; Red squirrelfish; Deepwater squirrelfish; Samurai squirrelfish; Hawaiian squirrelfish; Crown squirrelfish; Longspine squirrelfish; Sabre squirrelfish; Smallmouth squirrelfish; Clearfin squirrelfish; Silverspot squirrelfish; Giant More

reef squirrelfish - on reefs from Bermuda and Florida to northern South AmericaHolocentrus coruscusgenus Holocentrus, Holocentrus - type genus of the family Holocentridae; squirrelfishessquirrelfish - very small, brightly colored (especially red) nocturnal fishes of shallow waters or tropical reefs; they make sounds More

and soldierfishesHolocentrus coruscus, reef squirrelfish - on reefs from Bermuda and Florida to northern South Americadeepwater squirrelfish, Holocentrus bullisi - a squirrelfish found from South Carolina to Bermuda and Gulf of MexicoHolocentrus ascensionis - bright red fish of West Indies and Bermudasoldier-fish, soldierfish - the More

Reef Squirrelfish (Sargocentron coruscum) Home - Saltwater - Coral - Freshwater - Pond - Hours & Location Gallery - inside M.O. More

Reef Squirrelfish - Sargocentron coruscum Reef Squirrelfish Longjaw Squirrelfish - Neoniphon marianus Longjaw Squirrelfish Dusky squirrelfish - Sargocentron vexillarium Dusky squirrelfish Crown Squirrelfish - Sargocentron diadema Crown Squirrelfish More

Reef squirrelfish; Spotfin squirrelfish; Tinsel squirrelfish; Giant squirrelfish; Silverspot squirrelfish; Clearfin squirrelfish; Sabre squirrelfish; Longspine squirrelfish; Crown squirrelfish; Total Images : 582 Page No. More

Common names

Candil rayado in Spanish (español)
Carajuelo in Spanish (español)
Carajuelo de arrecife in Spanish (español)
Conga tony in English
Matajuelo in Spanish (español)
Matejuelo in Spanish (español)
Miss darlington in English
reef squirrelfish in English
Rev-egernfisk in Danish (dansk)
Shining squirrelfish in English
Soleil in French (français)
Wenchman in English
west indian squirrelfish in English
礁真鰃 in Mandarin Chinese
礁真鳂 in Mandarin Chinese
閃光棘鱗魚 in Mandarin Chinese
闪光棘鳞鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Beryciformes
Family : Holocentridae
Genus : Sargocentron
Species : Sargocentron coruscum
Authority : Poey, 1860