China rockfish

The China rockfish has a distinctive appearance, with a dark blue or black body crossed by a patchy but obvious yellow stripe that extends from around the third dorsal spine down and then along the lateral line.

The China rockfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 3 - 128 m , usually - 92 m environment.

The China rockfish (Sebastes nebulosus) is a rockfish of the Pacific coast found from Kachemak Bay in the northern Gulf of Alaska to Redondo Beach and San Nicolas Island in southern California. More

China rockfish are moderately important in the sport catch. They are taken by party and private vessels from central California to southeastern Alaska and are occasionally speared by divers and taken by rocky shoreline anglers . More

China RockfishThe China rockfish is one of many species of rockfish found off the Pacific US coast. This species ranges from southeastern Alaska to California's Redondo Beach on the mainland and San Miguel Island offshore. More

China Rockfish within driving distance of Portland/Vancouver. Also great for observing Sea Lions. More

A young China rockfish ( Sebastes nebulosus ) nestles between a colony of California hydrocoral ( Stylaster californicus ) and an unidentified red sponge. One could say that this picture was actually several months in the making. More

Comments : China Rockfish, although abundant in these parts, are always a find. They have striking markings. My observations are that China's are solitary rockfish, although they do not seem to defend their territory as aggressively as Tiger Rockfish. More

Rockfishes come in all colors, but the china rockfish is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. More

China Rockfish: Sebastes nebulosis = This rockfish is identified by its black body with yellow stripe down the side along with other yellow markings. More

Common names

?á?álá in Unknown
China rockfish in English
Gulstribet klippefisk in Danish (dansk)
Rock cod in English
rockfish in English
Yellowstripe rockfish in English
λáḱálá in Heiltsuk
云纹平鲉 in Mandarin Chinese
雲紋平鮋 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Sebastidae
Genus : Sebastes
Species : Sebastes nebulosus
Authority : Ayres, 1854