Genus Sebastes


Blacktip rockfish - The Rougheye rockfish is a rockfish of the genus Sebastes.


Black bass - Adults are found primarily offshore on the outer continental shelf and the upper continental slope in depths 150-420 m.






Buoy keg - Commercial harvesting of shortraker rockfish in the Gulf of Alaska began in the early 1960's when foreign trawl fleets were targeting more abundant Sebastes spp.


False jacopever - The species was originally described by Gmelin in 1789 as Scorpaena capensis.


Gopher rockfish - Gopher rockfish have a generally mottled appearance, with dark areas generally olive to reddish brown, and the lighter areas being white or maybe pinkish.

Copper rockfish - It is a relatively common rockfish of the Pacific coast.

Starry rockfish - The body of the starry rockfish is elongate, robust, heavy forward tapering to the tail.


Brown bomber - The body of the widow rockfish is elongate and compressed.

Acadian redfish - Found in the northern Atlantic Ocean, the Acadian redfish lives in depths of 70 – 592 meters.


Greenie - The body of the yellowtail rockfish is elongate and compressed.


Chilipepper - The Chilipepper is a type of rockfish that lives mainly off the coast of western North America from Baja California to Vancouver.


Cow rockfish - The cowcod is one of the largest rockfish species, reaching almost 39 inches in total length and may live up to 55 years.

Rose fish - Despite its common names, the rose fish is not a member of the order Perciformes of perch-like fish, but of its sister taxon the Scorpaeniformes; nor is it related to the haddock.

Black bass - The rockfish has a total of 8 weak head spines.


Vermilion rockfish - The body of the vermilion rockfish is moderately deep and compressed.

Priestfish - Blue rockfish have a relatively smooth and oval appearance compared to other members of Sebastes, with very few head spines.


China rockfish - The China rockfish has a distinctive appearance, with a dark blue or black body crossed by a patchy but obvious yellow stripe that extends from around the third dorsal spine down and then along the lateral line.


Banded rockfish - Scientists have dated some fish to be up to 166 years old.


Boccacio rockfish - Bocaccio can be found from Stepovak Bay, Alaska to central Baja California, but is mostly abundant from Oregon to northern Baja California.


Canary rockfish - As the name suggests, this rockfish is notable for a general orange-yellow appearance, consisting of a blotchy orange pattern over a whitish or light gray background.

Red cod - Yelloweye rockfish are prized for their meat, and were declared overfished in 2002, at which time a survey determined that their population, which had been in decline since the 1980s, was just 7-13% of numbers before commercial fishing of the species began.

Treefish - The treefish is a marine fish of the Sebastes genus.


Slender rockfish - The Pygmy rockfish is a rockfish of the genus Sebastes.

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Sebastidae
Genus : Sebastes