General description: Adult rockfishes range in size from 5 to 41 inches with most species attaining sizes between 20 and 24 inches. More

Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific, University of California Press Works cited * Cailliet, G.M., Andrews, A.H., Burton, E.J., Watters, D.L., Kline, D.E., Ferry-Graham, L.A. (2001). More

Rockfishes are found among rocks and reefs. Of commercial importance are the black and orange rockfishes and the bocaccio of the Pacific coast and the rosefish (called also red, or ocean, perch and the John Dory) of the Atlantic. More

The origin, evolution, and diversification of rockfishes of the genus Sebastes (Cuvier). More

The Biology and Assessment of Rockfishes in Puget Sound PDF Format (4.3 MB) September 2009 By Wayne A. Palsson, Tien-Shui Tsou, Greg G. Bargmann, Raymond M. Buckley, Jim E. West, Mary Lou Mills, Yuk Wing Cheng, and Robert E. More


* Rockfishes of Alaska (pdf) * Skates of Alaska (pdf) * Invertebrates * By Family More

The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific 0520234383 Milton S. Love University of California Press The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific Books Much more than one can hope for.... First of all, I am not a rockfish biologist. More

As with other rockfishes, fertilization is internal and live young are born which are quite small and helpless. A 16 inch female contained just over 500,000 eggs. The main spawning season runs from about November to March. More

such as yelloweye and canary rockfishes being mistaken for "healthy" species like vermilion rockfish, lead to a higher total harvest of these overfished species. Overall, anglers need to minimize their contact with yelloweye and canary rockfishes so as not to exceed the harvest limit. More

Rockfishes are a diversere and important group of marine fishes. Of 115 species of rockfish known world wide 97 of those can be found in the North Eastern Pacific. More

The rockfishes are perch-like or bass-like in general appearance. But they are related to the sculpins (p. 439) and to the sea robins (p. More

The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific has been handed on a silver platter the Honorable Mention Award in the Nature Guidebook category at the National Outdoor Book Awards—“Honoring the Best in Outdoor Writing and Publishing. More

Rockfishes, on the other hand, would rather spine you a good one in the kneecap than talk to you. Even ones that have been sitting on deck for a few hours will stick you good if you try to pick them up. More

Identification and Systematics of Rockfishes (Sebastes) in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. More

Rockfishes are unusual among the bony fishes in that fertilization and embryo development is internal and female rockfish give birth to live larval young. Larvae are found in surface waters and may be distributed over a wide area extending several hundred miles offshore. More

juvenile rockfishes that otherwise would perish offshore. However, the model does not yet account for juvenile swimming efforts since little is known about the behavior of juvenile rockfish in the coastal ocean. More

The Rockfishes of the Northeast Pacific = rockfish_book.jpg Author(s): Milton Love, Mary Yoklavich, and Lyman Thorsteinson$24.95 This is the most comprehensive book ever written on this diverse group of fishes. More

Rockfishes are known for the bony plates on their heads and bodies and the heavy spines on their fins. Rockfish live in a variety of habitats. Some live on rocky reefs or seafloors in nearshore shallow waters. More

Angler's Guide to Rockfishes of Alaska: - Biology and Fishery Management - Identification, Biology, and Conservation. More

The non-toxic, but still very spiny rockfishes, in the genera Sebastes, and Sebastolobus are prominent table fare, sold as 'Pacific Snapper' in the U.S. though they are not in the snapper family, Lutjanidae. As Billy Shakespeare might say (or write) what's in a name; sheesh. More

Common names

?á?álá in Unknown
Aramenuke in Japanese (日本語)
Blacktip rockfish in English
Karmazyn ostrooki in Polish (polski)
Rock cod in English
rockfish in English
rougheye rockfish in English
λáḱálá in Heiltsuk
ерш алеутский in Russian (русский язык)
интронигер in Russian (русский язык)
阿留申平鮋 in Mandarin Chinese
阿留申平鲉 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Sebastidae
Genus : Sebastes
Species : Sebastes scythropus
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