Rainbow scorpionfish

The Rainbow scorpionfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 0 - 30 m environment.

Rainbow Scorpionfish - Scorpaenodes xyris California Scorpionfish © 2001 Paul Foretic Spotted Scorpionfish (or California Scorpionfish) © Bob Gladden California Scorpionfish More

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Rainbow Scorpionfish Photo, Scorpaenodes xyris = - Image 04616, Rainbow scorpionfish, juvenile. Guadalupe Island (Isla Guadalupe), Baja California, Mexico, Scorpaenodes xyris, Phillip Colla, all rights reserved worldwide. More

scorpionfishes, the Rainbow Scorpionfish is well-known for it's venomous spines that are capable of inflicting serious or even fatal wounds. They are ambush predators of fishes and crustaceans, using cryptic coloration to sit motionless until prey blunders into range. More

Rainbow Scorpionfish, Scorpaena xyris (black blotch just aft of the lower portion of the gill covers); or the Red Scorpionfish, Pontinus furcirhinus (very elongated third dorsal spine). The Peruvian Scorpionfish has not previously been reported to be resident in Mexican waters. More

Rainbow Scorpionfish - Scorpaenodes xyris Photo Details Photographer: Paul Osmond (see this users gallery) Rainbow Scorpionfish (Scorpaenodes xyris) on a reef wall on San Clemente Island in the Southern Channel Islands, California More

ladiving > Scorpionfish - Rainbow scorpionfish, Catalina; photo by Kevin LeeScorpionfish - Rainbow scorpionfish, Catalina; photo by Kevin Leeladiving > Sculpins - Cabezon eggs; photo by Scott GietlerSculpins - Cabezon eggs; photo by Scott Gietlerladiving > Sculpins - Cabezon, , Scorpaena gutatta, juvenileSculpins - Cabezon, , Scorpaena gutatta, juvenileladiving > Sculpins More

In the wild, the RAINBOW SCORPIONFISH enjoys resting upside-down in comfort underneath ledges and in crevices. Uncommon to our waters, it is quite a sight to see in our live teaching collection. More

Common names

Arco iris in Spanish (español)
Brujo arco iris in Spanish (español)
Escorpión in sp
Escorpión arco iris in Spanish (español)
escorpión arcoiris in Spanish (español)
Lapón in sp
Pez diablo in Spanish (español)
rainbow scorpionfish in English
Rascaccio arco iris in Spanish (español)
Rascacio in sp
Rascasse arc-en-ciel in French (français)
scorpionfish in English
虹小鮋 in Mandarin Chinese
虹小鲉 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Scorpaenidae
Genus : Scorpaenodes
Species : Scorpaenodes xyris
Authority : Jordan and Gilbert, 1882