Barrier reef anemonefish

Adults are an orange-brown color with two white bars with black edging encircling the body.

Picture of the Barrier reef anemonefish has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Original source: Flickr
Author: Leonard Low from Australia

The Barrier reef anemonefish lives in the reef-associated, non-migratory, marine, depth range 1 - 25 m environment.

The Barrier Reef Anemonefish is brown with two black-edged white bars. The first bar crosses the head. The second bar crosses the body at the middle of the dorsal fin. The tail is white. More

The Barrier Reef Anemonefish is a lighter colour than the Orange-fin Anemonefish and its anal fin is never black. The Barrier Reef Anemonefish is much more common than the Orange-fin Anemonefish. More

The Barrier Reef Anemonefish, Amphiprion akindynos, is an anemonefish of the family Pomacentridae. It is native to reefs and marine lagoons of the Western Pacific. More

Barrier reef anemonefish; Barrier reef chromis; Great barrier reef blenny; Anemonefish; Australian anemonefish; Red anemonefish; Orangefin anemonefish; Threebanded anemonefish; Spinecheek anemonefish; Orange anemonefish; Blackback anemonefish; Saddle anemonefish; Pink anemonefish; Clown anemonefish; Maldive anemonefish; Clark's anemonefish; Reef scorpionfish; Reef perch; Reef butterflyfish; Reef More

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Barrier Reef Anemonefish (Amphiprion akindynos) - Image 4 of 32 Date: 8/20/04 7:01 PM JAlbum 3. More

Barrier Reef Anemonefish framed with Sea Rods - Amphiprion akindynos Photo Details Photographer: Paul Osmond (see this users gallery) A Barrier Reef Anemonefish (Amphiprion akindynos) swims between a pair of sea rods on the wreck of the SS Yongala off the coast of More

Barrier Reef AnemonefishAmphiprion akindynos = Facts max size: 9.0 cm distribution: Western Pacific: eastern Australia (Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, northern New South Wales), New Caledonia, and Loyalty Islands. More

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Great Barrier Reef Anemonefish Amphiprion akindynos Image: 24M1033-14 Request Image License Fee Add Photo to Lightbox View Larger Photo View your Lightbox Order Print of Photo Great More

Barrier Reef Anemonefish ( Amphiprion akindynos ) = Barrier Reef Anemonefish | Amphiprion akindynos photo Barrier Reef Anemonefish Image by Leonard Low. Some rights reserved. More

Macro image of a Barrier Reef Anemonefish in host anemone, Heteractis aurora. Image was captured in Halmahera. More

Common names

barrier reef anemonefish in English
Brown anemonefish in English
Guarded anemone fish in English
Østaustralsk klovnfisk in Danish (dansk)
Two-banded anemonefish in English
大堡礁双锯鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
大堡礁双锯鱼 in Unknown
大堡礁雙鋸魚 in Mandarin Chinese
大堡礁雙鋸魚 in Unknown

Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacentridae
Genus : Amphiprion
Species : Amphiprion akindynos
Authority : Allen, 1972