Bumphead damselfish

The Bumphead damselfish lives in the reef-associated, non-migratory, marine, depth range 3 - 8 m environment.

* Bumphead damselfish, Microspathodon bairdii (Gill, 1862). * Marlin-spike grenadier, Nezumia bairdii (Goode & Bean, 1877). * Baird's Trogon, Trogon bairdii Lawrence, 1868. More

Comments: A Bumphead Damselfish, filmed at the dive site "Morros Maguey". More

Stegastes acapulcoensis, the Bumphead Damselfish, Microspathodon bairdii, the Cortez Damselfish, Stegastes rectifraenum, and the Oval Damselfish, Chromis alta, but all of the above lack the trailing ventrical fins. More

exotic shape and colour: Bumphead Damselfish, Blue Chin Parrotfish, Moorish Idols, Yellow-bellied Triggerfish, Hieroglyphic Hawkfish. Some of them sulk alone between rocks, others dart about in pairs, or gather together into enormous, glinting shoals. More

Common names

Ayanque in Spanish (español)
Bumphead damselfish in English
Chauffet jaune in French (français)
Damisela cabeza chichón in Spanish (español)
Damselfish in English
Jaqueta in sp
Jaqueta vistosa in Spanish (español)
貝氏小葉齒鯛 in Mandarin Chinese
贝氏小叶齿鲷 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Pomacentridae
Genus : Microspathodon
Species : Microspathodon bairdii
Authority : Gill, 1862