Sieve-patterned moray

The Sieve-patterned moray lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

Image: A Sieve-Patterned Moray at the 'Pipeline' - Add comment Add tags A Sieve-Patterned Moray at the 'Pipeline' Description A Sieve-Patterned Moray at a depth of 4 m, the 'Pipeline', Port Stephens, More

Biomaps map of Australian Sieve-Patterned Moray specimens in the Australian Museum collection. What does this mean? Habitat It occurs on coastal reefs and estuaries, often in sheltered, silty waters. More

* Sieve-Patterned Moray Gymnothorax cribroris Whitley - Discusses distinguishing features. With photos and links to related sites. * Occultopedia Giant Eel - Features theories on an overgrown specie. With photos. More

* Sieve-patterned moray, Gymnothorax cribroris Whitley, 1932 * Gymnothorax dorsalis Seale, 1917 * Speckled moray, Gymnothorax dovii (Günther, 1870) * Elegant moray, Gymnothorax elegans Bliss, 1883 * Enigmatic More

Sieve-patterned moray; Highfin moray; Pinda moray; Speckled moray; Reeve's moray; Slendertail moray; Ocellated moray; Chestnut moray; Broadbanded moray; Blackpearl moray; Black moray; Pygmy moray; Panamic moray; Brown moray; Pebbletooth moray; Redface moray; Marbled moray; Barred moray; Richardson's moray; Zebra moray; More

Sieve-Patterned Moray - Gymnothorax cribroris - South Wall GC Seaway ID: 27 Common Name: Sieve-Patterned Moray Scientific Name: Gymnothorax cribroris Kingdom: Animalia - More

Common names

Australian moray in English
Brown-flecked moray in English
Brown-flecked reef eel in English
Muréna australská in Czech (česky)
Sieve moray in English
Sieve-patterned eel in English
Sieve-patterned moray in English
Sieve-patterned moray-eel in English
克里裸胸鱔 in Mandarin Chinese
克里裸胸鱔 in Unknown
克里裸胸鳝 in Mandarin Chinese
克里裸胸鳝 in Unknown

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Order : Anguilliformes
Family : Muraenidae
Genus : Gymnothorax
Species : Gymnothorax cribroris
Authority : Whitley, 1932