Goldheaded butterflyfish

Found in the Indian Ocean from East Africa to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

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The Goldheaded butterflyfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 1 - 30 m environment.

Goldheaded butterflyfish, Pavillon, പക്കി ക്കടിയ , Chétodon à tete jaune, Goldring butterflyfish, Geelkop-vlindervis, 黄头蝴蝶鱼, Papillon à tête jaune, Pakkikkadiya, 黃頭蝴蝶魚 1. Site contains reference informationSite contains taxonomic information Catalog of Life - Chaetodon xanthocephalusLinkIT 2. More

Goldheaded ButterflyfishChaetodon xanthocephalus = Facts max size: 20.0 cm other common names: Goldring Butterflyfish, Yellowhead Butterflyfish, Yellow-head Butterflyfish distribution: Western Indian Ocean: East Africa (Ref. More

Common names

Chétodon à tete jaune in French (français)
Geelkop-vlindervis in Afrikaans
Goldheaded butterflyfish in English
Goldring butterflyfish in English
Gulhovedet fanefisk in Danish (dansk)
Handupholimas in Mahl
Manhappakkikkadiya in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Pakkikkadiya in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
Papillon à tête jaune in French (français)
Pavillon in Creole, French
Pavillon in Creoles and Pidgins, French
Rhindukokka in Mahl
Yellow-head butterflyfish in English
yellowhead butterflyfish in English
ބޯރީނދޫ ބިބީ in Divehi (‫ދިވެހި)
പക്കി ക്കടിയ  in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
പക്കിക്കടിയന് in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
മഞപ്പക്കിക്കടിയ  in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
മഞ്ഞപക്കി കടിയന് in Malayalam (മലയാളം)
黃頭蝴蝶魚 in Mandarin Chinese
黄头蝴蝶鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Chaetodontidae
Genus : Chaetodon
Species : Chaetodon xanthocephalus
Authority : Bennett, 1833