Slender unicorn

The Slender unicorn lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 8 - 55 m environment.

The slender unicorn rattail, Trachyrincus longirostris, is a rattail of the genus Trachyrincus, found around southeast Australia and New Zealand, at depths of between 850 and 1,300 m. Its length is between 30 to 60 cm. More

pale, slender unicorn man is not there - she is being held warmly and securely by the arms of a dark-skinned, dark-eyed, smiling woman. Her body is warm enough to burn through Kelsey's clothing, and her hands are firm against the Shadow Lord's back. More

Common names

Bakwak in Visayan
Blackspine unicornfish in English
Dangit in Visayan
Gangis in Bikol
Indangan in Tagalog
Isdang ilong in Tagalog
Kalditan in Bikol
Kumay in Other
Labahita in Tagalog
Little unicorn in English
Ludlo-an in Visayan
Mangadlit in Tagalog
Mungit in Bikol
Pali in Other
Pulang ikog in Bikol
Salinkupau in Bikol
Silanis in Bikol
Slank eenhoringvis in Afrikaans
Slender unicorn in English
Sorahan in Visayan
Surahan in Bikol
Tudlo-an in Visayan
Uwakon in Bikol
Yapot in Tagalog
剝皮仔 in Mandarin Chinese
剥皮仔 in Mandarin Chinese
小鼻魚 in Mandarin Chinese
小鼻鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
打鐵婆 in Mandarin Chinese
打铁婆 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Acanthuridae
Genus : Naso
Species : Naso minor
Authority : Smith, 1966