Animals living in the Shrubland habitat

Shrubland or brush areas are dominated by shrub or bush type vegetation, and are notable for the varied animals that inhabit the low lying floral landscape. With grasses and herbs being the second most prominent type of plant life in the brush, there is a regularly replenished, seasonal food supply for the small mammals, reptiles, birds and insects that live there.

Shrublands, or "scrub" ecosystems can occur in environments all over the world, including desert and arid areas as well as burned out forests and open plains. Shrubland is unique in that it thrives in nutrient poor soil, which is why it has grown to cover large swaths of territory. Spring vegetation growth, affected by soil moisture, determines how much forage is available for the herbivorous rodents, birds and insects that primarily feed off of plant seed or small fruits such as berries.

Common predators take advantage of the open spaces of scrub that are now increasingly juxtaposed with human civilizations. There are few undisturbed shrubland areas save those in nature preserves, and the power lines, buildings and other human structures near the wide open spaces provide favorite nesting and hunting perches for crows, common ravens, and raptors. Rodents, like the vole, survive by taking advantage of the natural cover comprised of the vegetation.

Even-toed ungulates

Common hartebeest
Nubian ibex
Walia ibex
Clarke's gazelle
Common rhebok
Spanish ibex
Cuvier's gazelle
Dorcas gazelle
Common hippopotamus
Grant's gazelle
Collared peccary
Mountain nyala
Roan antelope
Aders' duiker
Sable antelope
Lesser kudu
Jentink's duiker
Arabian tahr
Greater kudu
Natal duiker
Sahara oryx
Black duiker
Silver dik-dik
Harvey's duiker
Salt's dik-dik
Cape grysbok
Beira antelope
Sharpe's grysbok
Bighorn sheep
Southern reedbuck
Bohar reedbuck
Blue & white-bearded wildebeest


Asiatic jackal
American jackal
Arctic wolf
Red wolf
Ethiopian wolf
Palawan stink badger
Side-striped jackal
Black-backed jackal
Jungle cat
Wild cat
Common otter
Speckle-throated otter
Clouded leopard
Hairy-nosed otter
African caracal
African clawless otter
African wild dog
Eurasian lynx
Cameroon clawless otter
Iberian lynx
Asiatic golden cat
Geoffroy's cat
Bay lynx
Asiatic wild dog
Racoon dog
Eyra cat
Chilean pampa cat
Bat-eared fox
Common fox
Gray fox
California channel island fox
Polar bear
Bengal fox
Corsac fox
African sand fox
Peruvian desert fox
Cape fox
Maned wolf
Argentine gray fox
Sand fox
Azara's fox
Cross fox
African lion
Andean fox
Little spotted cat


Lesser horseshoe bat
Natal free-tailed bat
Cape horseshoe bat
Geoffroy's horseshoe bat
Lesser mouse-tailed bat
Horn-skinned bat
Banana bat
Greater mouse-tailed bat
Long-tailed house bat
Scott's mouse-eared bat
Cape hairy bat
Welwitch's bat
Desert yellow bat
Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Heart-nosed bat
Ethiopian large-eared roundleaf bat
Egyptian slit-faced bat
Patrizi's trident leaf-nosed bat
Kuhl's pipistrelle
Persian trident bat
Trident bat
Common pipistrelle
Rüppel's pipistrelle
Canary big-eared bat
Little free-tailed bat
African giant free-tailed bat
Naked-rumped tomb bat
De winton's long-eared bat
African sheath-tailed bat
Blasius's horseshoe bat
Lesser long-fingered bat

Dasyuroid marsupials and marsupial carnivores

Spotted-tailed quoll

Kangaroos, possums, wallabies, and relatives

Dusky pademelon
Bridled nail-tailed wallaby
Western brush wallaby
Broom's pygmy-possum


Rock dassie

Hares, pikas, and rabbits

Tehuantepec hare
Arctic hare
Broom hare
Bushman hare


Somali elephant shrew
Western rock elephant shrew
Golden-rumped elephant shrew
Checkered elephant shrew
Bushveld elephant shrew
North african elephant shrew
Round-eared elephant shrew
Rufous elephant-shrew

Bandicoots and bilbies

Barred bandicoot
Eastern barred bandicoot
Golden bandicoot
Pig-footed bandicoot

Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs

Burchell's zebra
Square-lipped rhinoceros
Black rhinoceros


Dry-bush weasel lemur
Gelada baboon
Common langur
Garnett's greater galago
Ring-tailed lemur


African elephant


Little red gerbil
Cape spiny mouse
Neill's long-tailed giant rat
Damara ground squirrel
Harrington's gerbil
Ghana mole rat
Lesser short-tailed gerbil
Wilson's spiny mouse
Mahomet mouse
Unstriped ground squirrel
Lake chad gerbil
African mole rat
Somalian gerbil
Smith's bush squirrel
Asian garden dormouse
Pygmy mouse
Petter's gerbil
Mechow's mole rat
Senegal gerbil
Khartoum gerbil
Grant's rock mouse
Black and red bush squirrel
Tarabul's gerbil
Namaqua rock rat
Red bush squirrel
Loring's rat
Waters's gerbil
Tinfields rock rat
Brants's whistling rat
Black-tailed tree rat
Arid thicket rat
Thomas's rock rat
Littledale's whistling rat
Acacia rat
Bunting's thicket rat
Speke's pectinator
Crested rat
Shortridge's rat
Pouched mouse
Gray-headed thicket rat
Spring hare
Felou gundi
White-tailed mouse
Mearns's pouched mouse
Woodland thicket rat
Congo rope squirrel
Lesser cane rat
Forrest's rock squirrel
Giant thicket rat
Middle east blind mole rat
Ruwenzori thicket rat
Ethiopian thicket rat
White-eared pocket mouse
Ochre mole rat
Shining thicket rat
Dassie rat
Short-tailed bandicoot rat
Northwestern fat mouse
Mountain beaver
Barbour's rock mouse
Brown's hutia
Val's gundi
Fernandina galapagos mouse
Dainty fat mouse
Silvery mole rat
Long-tailed field mouse
Pygmy rock mouse
Bahamian hutia
Santiago galapagos mouse
Kreb's fat mouse
African grass rat
Brukkaros pygmy rock mouse
Swan island hutia
Allen's wood rat
Tiny fat mouse
Shortridge's rock mouse
Crested porcupine
Bushy-talied woodrat
Ethiopian narrow-headed rat
Naked mole rat
Cape mole rat
Galapagos rice rat
Cape porcupine
Gray-tailed narrow-headed rat
Hairy-footed gerbil
Bangs's mountain squirrel
Barbary ground squirrel
Greater short-tailed gerbil
Edward's swamp rat
Lesser egyptian jerboa
Rudd's bristle-furred rat
Namaqua dune mole rat
Barfur gerbil
Dent's vlei rat
Gerbil mouse
Greater egyptian jerboa
East african mole rat
Saunder's vlei rat
Delany's mouse
Fat sand rat
Somalia gerbil
Typical vlei rat
Gray glimbing mouse
Brant's climbing mouse
Southern multimammate mouse
Betsileo short-tailed rat
Thin sand rat
Pygmy gerbil
Bush vlei rat
Harrington's rat
Guinea multimammate mouse
Cape gerbil
Gregarious short-tailed rat
Julian's gerbil
Natal multimammate mouse
Highveld gerbil
Lataste's gerbil
Kemp's gerbil
Nigerian gerbil
Bolivian chincilla rat
Nikolaus's mouse
Barbary lemniscomys
Bushveld gerbil
Principal gerbil
Cushioned gerbil
Libyan jird
Black-tailed gerbil
Least gerbil
Mullah spiny mouse
Fat-tailed gerbil
Somali pygmy gerbil
Phillip's gerbil
Four-striped grass mouse
Greater egyptian gerbil
Percival's spiny mouse
South african ground squirrel
Robbins's tateril
Elvira rat




Six-banded armadillo
Southern long-nosed armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo
Llanos long-nosed armadillo
Screaming hairy armadillo
Large hairy armadillo
Burmeister's armadillo
Lesser fairy armadillo
Northern naked-tailed armadillo
Chacoan naked-tailed armadillo

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