Animals living in the Rocky Shoreline habitat

Rocky shorelines are a challenging place for any animal. Tidal pools, however, are often rich with life.

Shellfish such as limpets and mussels are normally found on rocky shores, and cling on with considerable strength. Despite this, they become food for oystercatchers and other wading birds. Crabs, including hermit crabs, also live on the shore, as are barnacles (despite their appearance, barnacles are crustaceans, not shellfish). Even in relatively cold areas, sea anemones also live in the intertidal zone. Many tidal zone creatures are sessile, as the flow of the tide brings food, such as plankton, to them.

Sea otters and seals both prefer to come ashore on rocky shores, and both may breed on rocky shorelines or islands. Guillemots and cormorants also nest on cliffs and feed in the subtidal zone, just off the shore, where a variety of fish can be found. A variety of other sea birds can be found feeding in the intertidal zone.


Guadalupe fur seal
Northern fur seal
Sea otter
Northern sealion
North american otter
Marine otter
Common otter
Hairy-nosed otter
Indian smooth-coated otter
Mediterranean monk seal
Hawaiian monk seal
Hooker's sea lion
Polar bear
African clawless otter
Galapagos islands fur seal


Smokey bat


Namaqua rock rat

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