Animals living in the Subantarctic forest habitat

The Subantarctic forest is an area of the earth that surrounds and includes the Antarctic continent and extends as far north as the tip of Chile. The area is mostly comprised of small islands, each with their own individual habitats and animals. Antarctic itself also supports a diversity of seabirds and other animals, while below the ocean one of the richest ecosystems in the world thrives. The geophysical conditions of this region are unique due to the year round low temperatures and limited resources.
As such the plant and animal life that has developed in the Subantarctic forest areas have adaptable them self to suit such environments. Because the Subantarctic forest is similar to the tundra, consisting of mostly grasslands, lichens and moss, spotted with a few low lying trees, the animals that live in these areas are mostly those that feed on grass and the predators that live off of them. Voles, mice, rats and opossums make up a large percentage of the ground animals in the Subantarctic forest while above bats and a variety of migrate birds fill the skies using the safety of the landscape to nest on their long migratory flights. Foxes are also common in some areas though more so the further north you go in the region. Though a harsh and formidable environment the animals that live in these regions thrive, having adapted to their environments they remain virtually untouched by the influences of man. With a landscape that would challenge even the bravest sole the animals of the Subantarctic forest will continue to grow and prosper.

Even-toed ungulates

Chilean pudu
Chilean guemal


Chilean myotis
Northern yellow bat

American marsupials

Gray slender mouse opossum


Magellanic pygmy rice rat
Long-tailed pygmy rice rat
Chilean climbing mouse
Long-clawed mole mouse
Patagonian chincilla mouse
Sanborn's grass mouse
Olive grass mouse
Markham's grass mouse
Long-haired grass mouse
Woolly grass mouse
Hershkovitz's grass mouse


Large hairy armadillo

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