Animals living in the Arable Land habitat

The Arable lands are agricultural lands that can be used for growing crops, farming meadows, and it is mainly made up of sediment and over flow from flooding from rivers, lakes and oceans. It is unique in that it is a temporary state in the land. It can be used for several different habitats for all types of wildlife.

Animals that live in the Arable Lands

Animals like the fox, jackal, elephants, rodents, armadillos, bandicoot and several species of bats that live in the arable lands. They live along the muddy edges and in the low areas of the lands, feeding off of the vegetation that grows there. Arable lands are known in areas near the Amazon River, Nile River and the Euphrates just as an example. Whenever these rivers overflow due to storms, hurricanes or some other natural disaster the arable lands flourish with animals and greenery. The countries that have a vast amount of Arable lands are Oceania, North America, Europe, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.


Racoon dog
Peruvian desert fox
Hoary fox
Azara's fox
Asiatic jackal
American jackal
Red wolf
Side-striped jackal
Black-backed jackal
Common fox
Gray fox
Swift fox
Maned wolf
Cape fox
Cross fox


Pallid large-footed myotis
Large-eared free-tailed bat
Natal free-tailed bat

Bandicoots and bilbies

Eastern barred bandicoot


African elephant


Kivu climbing mouse
Shaw's jird
Alcorn's pocket gopher
Spring hare
Cape mole rat
Issel's groove-toothed swamp rat
Barfur gerbil
Bell groove-toothed swamp rat
Sudan gerbil
Pygmy gerbil
Nigerian gerbil
Jackson's praomys
Lesser short-tailed gerbil
Misonne's praomys
Woodland thicket rat
Four-striped grass mouse
Silvery mole rat
Ruanda mole rat
Pouched mouse
Ruwenzori sun squirrel
Naked mole rat
Red rock rat
Rudd's mole rat
Mearns's pouched mouse
Crested porcupine
Namaqua rock rat
Embi mole rat
Jackson's fat mouse
Cape porcupine
Boehm's gerbil
Ankole mole rat
Greater egyptian jerboa
Long-tailed field mouse
Guinea gerbil
Demon mole rat
Naivasha mole rat
Barbary lemniscomys
Abyssinian grass rat
Kemp's gerbil
King mole rat
Single-striped grass mouse
African grass rat
Black-tailed gerbil
Typical lemniscomys
African brush-tailed porcupine
Fring-tailed gerbil
Rusty-bellied brush-furred rat
Savanna gerbil
Emin's gerbil
Southern multimammate mouse
Gracile tateril
Guinea multimammate mouse
Lake chad gerbil
Petter's gerbil
Natal multimammate mouse
Senegal gerbil
Greater cane rat
Toad mouse
Hausa mouse
Pygmy mouse
Free state pygmy mouse
Gambian rat
Algerian mouse
Ghana mole rat
Striped ground squirrel
Gray-bellied pygmy mouse
Ochre mole rat


Screaming hairy armadillo
Large hairy armadillo

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