Animals living in the Temperate Shrubland habitat

Temperate shrublands are found mostly in North and South America, South Africa, Australia and some parts around the Mediterranean. The winters tend to be moist and cool which the summers are dry and hot. Due to this environment the plants that thrive here are mainly evergreen shrubs. These types of plants are able to get nutrients from soil that is not a rich in nutrients. Because of the poor soil conditions, among other reasons, trees are usually not found in this type of climate.

Temperate shrublands are home to animals such as the coyote, fox, deer, rabbit, hawk, mouse and bobcat. The animals vary according to the part of the world. Because of the environment, vast areas of shrubs, large grazing animals are found here.There are some differences between what would be found in a temperate shrubland in Australia as opposed to the Mediterranean. The animals that live in the temperate shrubland areas have become adapted to the environment and are able to survive and thrive here. The ecosystem is set up with the herbivores (plant eaters) such as: rodents, insects, birds, deer, rabbits and then the predators that feed on them. Predators would include the foxes, bobcats, and some birds.

Even-toed ungulates

Spanish ibex
Bighorn sheep


Corsac fox
Red wolf
Sand fox
Cross fox
Argentine gray fox
Azara's fox
Andean fox
Eurasian lynx
Racoon dog
American jackal
California channel island fox
Arctic wolf


Lesser long-fingered bat


Rock dassie

Hares, pikas, and rabbits

Arctic hare
Broom hare


African elephant


Bushy-talied woodrat
Hairy-footed gerbil
White-tailed mouse
Short-tailed bandicoot rat
Bush vlei rat
Littledale's whistling rat
White-eared pocket mouse
Pouched mouse
Namaqua rock rat
Forrest's rock squirrel
Mountain beaver
Highveld gerbil


Screaming hairy armadillo
Large hairy armadillo
Lesser fairy armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo
Six-banded armadillo

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