Animals living in the Subtropical/Tropical High Altitude Shrubland habitat

In both tropical and subtropical regions, high altitude shrubland can occur. Situated above the tree line, this is a landscape dominated by small bushes and tough plants.

Shrubland provides a home for mountain goats and sheep and also for some species of jackal and the Ethiopian wolf. In the tropics, the African elephant can sometimes be found at these altitudes.

A large variety of rodents also live here, including thicket rats and the East african mole rat, an odd communal rodent that lives almost entirely underground. These become food for foxes and large birds of prey such as eagles or buzzards. Vultures are also commonly found here. True moles are also found in many areas of shrubland.

Some species of conure or parakeet prefer open ground and like these high, dry shrublands. Several kinds of hummingbird are also native to this habitat. The variety of bird life in these areas is considerable, with parrots, raptors and tinamou also found here.


Andean fox
Ethiopian wolf
Side-striped jackal
Black-backed jackal


Welwitch's bat
Lesser horseshoe bat


African elephant


Lesser short-tailed gerbil
Woodland thicket rat
Giant thicket rat
Ruwenzori thicket rat
Nikolaus's mouse
Mahomet mouse
Dent's vlei rat
Typical vlei rat
Ethiopian narrow-headed rat
Gray-tailed narrow-headed rat
East african mole rat
Delany's mouse

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