Animals living in the Urban Areas habitat

Animals that live in urban often consist of pretty ordinary animals that people are very familiar with. Pigeons and house hold pets as well as ducks can often be found in a urban environment such as big cities. A lot of animals that tend to feed off human leftover foods are found in urban settings. The common pigeon thrives in parks through major cities such as San Francisco, New York City, LA, Chicago, and as well as many other cities and towns throughout the nation. There are also unique animals that are used as attractions in specific urban cities such as in San Francisco you will often see a lot of sea gulls and they even have a habit for sea lions down at the pier. In Nara in Japan they have deers as a common animal in the urban city used mostly for tourist attractions. And in many parts of areas surrounding Nara deers are also used as tourist attractions. Ducks also thrive in many urban settings and many people enjoy going to parks and feeding them. People like to feed pigeons as well in many of these urban cities and that's how many urban birds are able to get food from people. Animals that live in a urban setting are very different from animals from more wild and tamed areas. You can almost make a claim that these urban creatures are somewhat domesticated.


Cross fox
Asiatic jackal
American jackal
Side-striped jackal


Kuhl's pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Comoro rousette
Desert yellow bat
Little free-tailed bat
Lesser dog-faced fruit bat
Schneider's leaf-nosed bat
Southern long-nosed bat

Bandicoots and bilbies

Eastern barred bandicoot


Rhesus macaque


Hausa mouse
Pygmy mouse
Four-striped grass mouse
Fring-tailed gerbil
Namaqua rock rat
Long-tailed field mouse
African grass rat
Gambian rat
Cape mole rat
Hairy-footed gerbil
Woodland thicket rat
Macmillan's thicket rat
Guinea multimammate mouse
Natal multimammate mouse
Kondana soft-furred rat
Ethiopian striped mouse

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