Animals living in the Subtropical/Tropical High Altitude Grassland habitat

What type of habitat is the Subtropical/Tropical High Altitude Grassland, what makes it unique?

Due to the low amount of rainfall, this region tends to be relatively dry. The landscape consists predominantly of grasses with a few scattered trees. The most notable subtropical/tropical high altitude grassland is found in the northern part of South America, known as the Llanos grasslands. Other subtropical/tropical high altitude grassland regions can be found in Africa, Southern New Guinea, and North America.

What types of animals live in the Subtropical/Tropical High Altitude Grassland?

Mostly mammals are found in this region. In Africa, these animals are the zebra, gazelle and wildebeest. In Southern New Guinea, these animals are kangaroos. In South American these animals are the armadillos. And in America, these animals are the bison.

Other species do survive in the subtropical/tropical high altitude grassland region. The African Common Toad is an amphibian commonly found in the African region and the Alpine Munia is a bird that thrives in the Papua New Guinea region.

How do they live?

Due to the low amounts of rainfall, the animals in this region have to migrate, sometimes having to migrate hundreds of miles, in order to find ample food and water to survive.

Even-toed ungulates



American jackal
Ethiopian wolf
Black-backed jackal
Common fox
Asiatic wild dog
Andean fox
Sand fox


Lamotte's roundleaf bat
De winton's long-eared bat


African elephant


Typical lemniscomys
Gray brush-furred rat
Black-clawed brush-furred rat
Yellow-spotted brush-furred rat
Ethiopian striped mouse
Desert pygmy mouse
Pygmy mouse
Free state pygmy mouse
Gray-bellied pygmy mouse
Dent's vlei rat
Vlei rat
Abyssinian grass rat
Laminate vlei rat
Blick's grass rat
Western vlei rat
Saunder's vlei rat
Sloggett's vlei rat
Tropical vlei rat
Typical vlei rat
Kreb's fat mouse
Ethiopian narrow-headed rat
Montane shaggy rat
Gray-tailed narrow-headed rat
Remarkable climbing mouse
Audacious mole rat
Kivu climbing mouse
Demon mole rat
Lovat's climbing mouse
Big-headed mole rat
Brant's climbing mouse
Cameroon climbing mouse
King mole rat
Ruanda mole rat
Mutable sun squirrel
Rudd's mole rat
East african mole rat
Hildegarde's broad-headed mouse
Rümmler's brush mouse
Mittendorf's lemniscomys


Andean hairy armadillo

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