Animals living in the Mediterranean-type Shrubby Vegetation habitat

Distributed in Mediterranean ecosystems of Australia, Chile, Europe/North Africa, North America (primarily California) and South Africa. Evergreen shrubs and sclerophyllous trees (low in stature with a relatively open canopy) are the dominant plant forms, and frequent fires have historically played and important role in regulating community composition and structure. Includes shrubland types described as garrigue, chaparral, maquis (New Caledonia), mallee (Australia), matorral (Chile) and fynbos (South Africa).

Even-toed ungulates

Cuvier's gazelle


Argentine gray fox
Andean fox
Wild cat
Iberian lynx
Bat-eared fox
Gray fox
African caracal
California channel island fox
Cape fox


Long-tailed house bat
De winton's long-eared bat
Cape hairy bat
Kuhl's pipistrelle
Common pipistrelle
Canary big-eared bat
Blasius's horseshoe bat
Lesser horseshoe bat
Cape horseshoe bat
Geoffroy's horseshoe bat


North african elephant shrew


African elephant


Brant's climbing mouse
Asian garden dormouse
Cape mole rat
Greater short-tailed gerbil
Lesser short-tailed gerbil
Crested porcupine
Barbary lemniscomys
Pygmy mouse
Middle east blind mole rat
Saunder's vlei rat
Four-striped grass mouse
Cape spiny mouse
Kreb's fat mouse
Long-tailed field mouse
Gray glimbing mouse



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