Animals living in the Marine Intertidal habitat

The marine intertidal zone is actually an area that many individuals are familiar with even if they do not know it by that name. It can also be called the seashore. It is the part of the shore that is affected by high tide and low tide. Within the marine intertidal zone there are all manner of habitats. Habitat types include wetlands, sandy beaches, and rocks. There are a variety of animals that call this area home. Mussels, crabs, limpets, barnacles, whelks, sea anemones, sea stars, snails, abalone, and sea urchins are just a small sample of the diverse animals that live in the marine intertidal zone. The animals that live in the intertidal zone have to be hardy. Their environment is constantly changing as the tides come in and out. These animals are able to adapt to these conditions and thrive. This habitat does provide protection from larger predators, but depending on the region there are other risks, such as in the rocky terrain these animals have to deal with the rushing tides along rocky areas. Also, many of the animals in the intertidal zone find their way to the dinner table as low tide can make it easy to for humans and other animals to find them. The marine intertidal zone is a unique habitat that is home to a vast population of animals.


African clawless otter
Galapagos islands fur seal
Juan fernández fur seal
Guadalupe fur seal
Northern fur seal
Black-backed jackal
Sea otter
Northern sealion
North american otter
Marine otter
Common otter
Hairy-nosed otter
Indian smooth-coated otter
Mediterranean monk seal
Hawaiian monk seal
Hooker's sea lion


Smokey bat

Bandicoots and bilbies

Barred bandicoot


Namaqua rock rat
Mountain beaver

Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows

American manatee
African manatee

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