Animals living in the Rocky areas (eg inland cliffs, mountain peaks) habitat

Inland cliffs and mountain peaks provide habitat for a surprising variety of creatures. Raptors such as the peregrine falcon traditionally nest on inland cliffs (although in modern times they have adapted to man-made 'cliffs' such as skyscrapers or power station cooling towers).

A number of species of wolf and fox prefer these areas to den, including the Ethiopian wolf and the sand cat. They are also popular with fruit bats. However, the greatest number of species that frequent rocky areas fall into the category of rodents, including snow voles, rock mice and chinchillas as well as any number of mice, rats, and squirrels. These, of course, attract predators such as smaller cats and larger birds of prey, including eagles.

The world's smallest mammal, the elephant shrew, also prefers these habitats. On a larger scale, mountain sheep and goats can often be found in these areas, as well as some species of deer or elk.


Afghan fox
African sand fox
Cape fox
Sand fox
Ethiopian wolf
Andean cat


Canary big-eared bat
Lesser mouse-tailed bat
East african epauletted fruit bat
Botta's serotine
Long-tailed house bat
Jones's roundleaf bat
Ansorge's free-tailed bat
Spotted free-tailed bat

Dasyuroid marsupials and marsupial carnivores

Northern quoll

Kangaroos, possums, wallabies, and relatives

Brush-tailed rock wallaby
Prosperine rock wallaby
Scaly-tailed possum


Eastern tree dassie
Western tree dassie
Rock dassie
Bush hyrax


Cape elephant shrew
Western rock elephant shrew
Eastern rock elephant shrew


Val's gundi
Dassie rat
Balkan snow vole
Barbour's rock mouse
Cuvier's hutia
Asian garden dormouse
Forrest's rock squirrel
Bushy-tailed jird
Guinea gerbil
Cairo spiny mouse
Complex-toothed flying squirrel
Woolly flying squirrel
Felou gundi
Fiery spiny mouse
Congo rope squirrel
Kemp's spiny mouse
Brown's hutia
Louise's spiny mouse
Bahamian hutia
Mullah spiny mouse
Swan island hutia
Percival's spiny mouse
Spiny mouse
Lowe's gerbil
Cape spiny mouse
Stone dormouse
Wilson's spiny mouse
Grant's rock mouse
Namaqua rock rat
Lesser egyptian jerboa
Barbary ground squirrel
Wolffsohn's viscacha
Neill's long-tailed giant rat
Sloggett's vlei rat
Short-tailed chinchilla
Speke's pectinator
Gray dwarf hamster

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