Animals living in the Sea Cliffs and Rocky Offshore Islands habitat

Sea cliffs and rocky offshore islands are unique habitats in that they provide quite a varying degree of architectural landscape. Sea cliffs and rocky offshore island areas often feature habitats with rocky and rough terrain that are part of the shore. Sea cliffs in particular are often high above the shore creating an overlook area for animals to live in high above the water. The cliffs can be sharp and abrupt or even sloping. Rocky offshore islands have shorelines that are rough and rocky. A limited number of animals inhabit these areas because it isnt always easy to do so. Many land dwelling animals would find it hard to live here since the terrain can be rough and winds and weather can be quite variable depending on the water they are surrounded by. Therefore, the most common animals found in this type of habitat are birds. Some specific birds that will live in sea cliff and rocky offshore islands areas includes gulls, puffins, pelicans, penguins and even eagles. Land dwelling animals that would be found in these areas include mostly marine mammals such as seals and otters. This habitat is an important one because these animals generally use this area for nesting. Many of the animals will breed along the shore or cliff and use the rocks as protection against the elements.

Even-toed ungulates

Nubian ibex


Galapagos islands fur seal
Juan fernández fur seal
Guadalupe fur seal


Fish-eating bat

Dasyuroid marsupials and marsupial carnivores

Spotted-tailed quoll
Butler's dunnart

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