Animals living in the Macroalgal/Kelp habitat

Macroalgal/Kelp can serve as a community for small sea life. Although, grown without roots, it can often become an amazing underwater forest. This unique marine algae can range in colors of red, brown and green. While, mostly eaten by sea creatures, it can also be consumed by us humans.

The inhabitants of Macroalgal/Kelp vary in several different creatures. The type of sea life depends on location of the kelp from top to bottom. The canopy of the kelp is known to house very small organisms such as larvae and eggs. The canopy is at the very top and sometimes can be seen on the ocean surface. Below the canopy is where many fish inhabit. Fishes like kelp bass, sheephead and rock fish use this area for hunting others. The holdfast is the bottom of the kelp and is home to predominantly invertebrates. Creatures like sea sponges, sea stars and barnacles have attached themselves to the Macroalgal/Kelp to live.

Kelp is only anchored to the bottom of the ocean floor. So, certain weather conditions may cause the forest to wash away. And, it can often be washed up on shore along with it's living organisms. Some may get destroyed, but many remain and grow throughout the oceans. Providing food and shelter to many sea creatures.


Marine otter
Common otter

Dolphins, porpoises, and whales

Blackchin dolphin

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