Animals living in the Cold Desert habitat

Cold Deserts show to be a treacherous landscape for any type of animal to make a living. Because plants and vegetation are so scarce, animals must live off of small wildflowers that only grow in the months of June and July. It is so bitter cold that no plant can last much longer before dying or freezing over. There are doesn't tend to be much sunlight in cold deserts. It is so hard to stay alive in the Antarctic that not a single reptile, amphibian, or land mammal lives there. They would be killed very quickly.

Instead, the ice caps are filled with sea birds and sea mammals. There are five different types of seals that live in cold deserts. Most seals eat fish, squid or krill, but some are known to attack an innocent penguin. The musk oxen can also survive in the Arctic Tundra. Their outer hair keeps in their body heat while their inner shag keeps them warm. They paw away snow to get to the rare patches of grass that can be found. Lemmings live in the Arctic and are very similar to rabbits. They go to the top of wind tossed hills where snow blows around, and they dig to get to plants. Lemmings are the main prey for snowy owls and foxes. The polar bear is the largest of any hunting predator in the Tundra. They can kill a seal with a single swipe.

Only these trained and adaptive beasts can survive cold deserts.


Greater fat-tailed jerboa


Large hairy armadillo

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