Animals living in the Artificial/Aquatic - Wastewater Treatment Areas habitat

Wastewater treatment areas are places where water that has been contaminated by human garbage, excrement, or chemicals is brought to be purified so that it is once again healthy enough for human use. Several kinds of animals have found them to be good places to live. Among them are three kinds of otters:

The huillin, or southern river otter, lives in southern Chile and Argentina, in areas where the vegetation is dense. In spite of its name, it actually inhabits marine waters as well as rivers. These otters are rarely seen. They eat birds, fish, and shellfish.

The hairy-nosed otter lives on the other side of the world, mostly on Java and to a lesser extent, in Sumatra, with some communities in mainland Southeast Asia. It is the rarest member of the otter group' in fact, it was believed to be extinct until 1998' and scientists know little about it. It has fully webbed feet and large claws.

The Indian smooth-coated otter also lives in Southeast Asia and India, with some living as far west as Iraq. It is the sole living member of its genus, and has a long, flat tail. It prefers areas with large amounts of water.


Hairy-nosed otter
Indian smooth-coated otter

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