Animals living in the Artificial/Aquatic - Seasonally Flooded Agricultural Land habitat

The intentional and managed seasonal flooding of agricultural land is common in areas that range from Africa to England. Water meadows are created both to provide exceptional quality grazing and to act as flood protection for homes. This can sometimes cause increased flooding, but does provide habitat for animals that either adjust to the artificial flooding or move there from areas with natural seasonal flooding.

Otters, for example, appreciate seasonal flooding regardless of the cause, moving into the wetlands in pursuit of fish. The hairy-nosed otter and common otter are particularly likely to be found in these areas. Some rodents, such as rufous-nosed rats, also value artificial wetlands.

Frogs that normally breed in natural seasonal pools will often also breed on this seasonally flooded land, as will certain species of waterfowl. In fact, artificially managed wetlands attract many of the species that normally visit natural seasonal marshes and can be good breeding grounds for ducks, grebes and waders if managed properly.


La plata otter
Common otter
Hairy-nosed otter
Indian smooth-coated otter


African elephant


African grass rat
Natal multimammate mouse
Rufous-nosed rats
Ghana rufous-nosed rat

Dugongs, manatees, and sea cows

African manatee

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