Animals living in the Savanna habitat

The Savanna is an interesting and amazing ecosystem. While many regions have warm and cold seasons, the Savannas seasons are wet or dry. The animals living in the Savanna have adapted to these weather conditions for survival.

The wet season of the savannah is marked by full rivers and lush, rich vegetation. The temperature ranges from 78 to 86 degrees. During this time, the animals migrate in for the food and water. The winter season sees only a slight drop in temperature so it will be between 68 and 78 degrees. However, the rains move out, the rivers dry out and the vegetation dies off. During this time, most animals will migrate out to find other sources of food and water.

Animals living in the Savanna include the African Elephant, African Wild Dog, and the Chacma Baboon. The Black Mamba snake, lion, crocodile and Koala Bear all make homes in the Savanna as well. The Caracal is a big cat living in the Savanna. The Egyptian Mongoose, Emu, Grant's Zebra and the biting Nigriceps Ants can also be found in the Savanna. Other common habitants of the Savanna include hyenas, giraffes, antelopes, rhinoceros, cheetahs and vultures.

All of these animals are well adapted for life in the ever changing Savanna. They do not expect to stay there year round, moving out when the dry winter season begins. But as soon as the rains return, rivers rise and plants begin to grow, carnivores and herbivores alike will return to the region they call home.

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Even-toed ungulates

Greater kudu
Red-flanked duiker
Yellow-backed duiker
Common hippopotamus
Roan antelope
Common hartebeest
Sable antelope
Addra gazelle
Dorcas gazelle
Red-fronted gazelle
Collared peccary
White-lipped peccary
African buffalo
Grey ox
Beira antelope
Asian buffalo
Sharpe's grysbok
Southern reedbuck
Bohar reedbuck
Peter's duiker
Bay duiker
Black duiker


Eyra cat
Common fox
Cape fox
Jungle cat
African wild dog
Black-footed cat
Bay lynx
Wild cat
Striped hyaena
Maned wolf
Bush dog
Chilean pampa cat
Geoffroy's cat
Rusty-spotted cat
Short-eared dog
Spotted hyaena
African golden cat
Bat-eared fox
Hoary fox
Azara's fox
Andean fox
Gambian mongoose
Asiatic jackal
American jackal
Side-striped jackal
Black-backed jackal
African caracal
African lion


Dent's horseshoe bat
Buettikofer's epauletted fruit bat
Hamilton's tomb bat
Eloquent horseshoe bat
Dobson's fruit bat
Mauritian tomb bat
Rüppell's horseshoe bat
Franquet's epauletted fruit bat
Persian trident bat
Naked-rumped tomb bat
Egyptian tomb bat
Guinean horseshoe bat
Long-tailed house bat
Hildebrandt's horseshoe bat
Aba roundleaf bat
Duke of abruzzi's free-tailed bat
Lander's horseshoe bat
Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Ansorge's free-tailed bat
Maclaud's horseshoe bat
Cyclops roundleaf bat
East african little collared fruit bat
Gland-tailed free-tailed bat
Bushveld horseshoe bat
Sooty roundleaf bat
Little collared fruit bat
Spotted free-tailed bat
Swinny's horseshoe bat
Jones's roundleaf bat
Daubenton's free-tailed bat
Chapin's free-tailed bat
Ethiopian large-eared roundleaf bat
Lappet-eared free-tailed bat
Noack's roundleaf bat
Morris's bat
Nigerian free-tailed bat
Light-winged lesser house bat
Cape hairy bat
Lesser woolly bat
Little free-tailed bat
African yellow bat
Welwitch's bat
White-bellied yellow bat
Veldkamp's bat
Woermann's bat
Schreber's yellow bat
Intermediate slit-faced bat
Bate's slit-faced bat
Hayman's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
Greenish yellow bat
Hammer-headed fruit bat
Aellen's pipistrelle
Large-eared slit-faced bat
Peter's dwarf epauletted fruit bat
Tiny pipistrelle
Dwarf slit-faced bat
Gambian slit-faced bat
Large slit-faced bat
Moloney's flat-headed bat
Angolan long-eared bats
Trident bat
Rüppel's pipistrelle
Egyptian slit-faced bat
Hairy slit-faced bat
Angolan free-tailed bat
Botswanan long-eared bat
Percival's trident bat
Damara woolly bat
Rusty pipistrelle
Wood's slit-faced bat
Mongalla free-tailed bat
Namib long-eared bat
African sheath-tailed bat
Midas free-tailed bat
De winton's long-eared bat
Niangara free-tailed bat
Yellow-winged bat
White-bellied free-tailed bat
Trevor's free-tailed bat
Large-eared free-tailed bat
Straw-coloured fruit bat
Angolan epauletted fruit bat
Lesser angolan epauletted fruit bat
Gambian epauletted fruit bat
Egyptian free-tailed bat
Blasius's horseshoe bat
Ethiopian epauletted fruit bat
Madagascan large free-tailed bat
Halcyon horseshoe bat
East african epauletted fruit bat
Kenyan big-eared free-tailed bat
Darling's horseshoe bat
Decken's horseshoe bat
Wahlberg's epauletted fruit bat
African giant free-tailed bat

Dasyuroid marsupials and marsupial carnivores

Northern quoll
Bronze quoll
Kangaroo island dunnart
Chestnut dunnart
New guinean planigale
Tasmanian tiger

Kangaroos, possums, wallabies, and relatives

Scaly-tailed possum
Western brush wallaby
Northern glider
Mahogany glider
Dusky pademelon


Bush hyrax
Eastern tree dassie
Western tree dassie
Rock dassie


Short-snouted elephant shrew
Dusky elephant shrew
Rufous elephant-shrew
Four-toed elephant shrew

Bandicoots and bilbies

Desert bandicoot

Horses, rhinoceroses, and tapirs

Square-lipped rhinoceros
Burchell's zebra
Black rhinoceros


Garnett's greater galago


African elephant


Louise's spiny mouse
Neave's mouse
Lesser stick-nest rat
Naked mole rat
Percival's spiny mouse
Oubangui mouse
Greater stick-nest rat
Spiny mouse
Boehm's bush squirrel
Peter's mouse
Wilson's spiny mouse
Smith's bush squirrel
Setzer's pygmy mouse
Crested rat
Rudd's bristle-furred rat
Boehm's gerbil
Striped bush squirrel
Thomas's pygmy mouse
Highveld gerbil
Ochre bush squirrel
Delicate mouse
Guinea gerbil
Bocage's rock rat
Spring hare
Striped ground squirrel
Gorongoza gerbil
Red rock rat
Bell groove-toothed swamp rat
South african ground squirrel
Damara ground squirrel
Kemp's gerbil
Hinde's rock rat
Creek groove-toothed swamp rat
Felou gundi
Gerbil mouse
Unstriped ground squirrel
Bushveld gerbil
Pouched mouse
Namaqua rock rat
Least groove-toothed swamp rat
Lunda rope squirrel
Dwarf multimammate mouse
Woosnam's broad-headed mouse
Black-tailed gerbil
Mearns's pouched mouse
Tinfields rock rat
Congo rope squirrel
Southern multimammate mouse
Hildegarde's broad-headed mouse
Fring-tailed gerbil
Fire-footed rope squirrel
Guinea multimammate mouse
Savanna gerbil
Kintampo rope squirrel
Natal multimammate mouse
Shortridge's multimammate mouse
Robbins's tateril
Gray glimbing mouse
Congo gerbil
Bristle-spined rat
Nairobi grass rat
Brant's climbing mouse
Woolly giant rat
Emin's gerbil
African grass rat
Chestnut climbing mouse
Fossorial giant rat
Gracile tateril
Crested porcupine
Hairy-footed gerbil
Nyika climbing mouse
Harrington's gerbil
Cape porcupine
Bushy-tailed hairy-footed gerbil
Vernay's climbing mouse
Lake chad gerbil
Sudan gerbil
Pouched gerbil
Petter's gerbil
Fat mouse
Pleasant gerbil
Senegal gerbil
African wading rat
Baluchistan gerbil
Franklin's ground squirrel
Loring's rat
Gambian rat
Nigerian gerbil
Lakeland downs mouse
Idaho pocket gopher
Ankole mole rat
Bellier's lemniscomys
Mianzini mole rat
Ghana mole rat
Kellen's dormouse
Griselda's lemniscomys
Demon mole rat
Bocage's mole rat
Lorrain dormouse
Baoule's mouse
Hoogstral's lemniscomys
Bushy-talied woodrat
Naivasha mole rat
Mechow's mole rat
Monard's dormouse
Angolan vlei rat
Angoni vlei rat
Callewaert's mouse
Senegal lemniscomys
Embi mole rat
Ochre mole rat
Olga's dormouse
Large vlei rat
Gounda mouse
Buffoon lemniscomys
East african mole rat
Four-striped grass mouse
Savanna dormouse
Hausa mouse
Single-striped grass mouse
Silvery mole rat
Gambian sun squirrel
Desert pygmy mouse
Typical lemniscomys
Fox's shaggy rat
Mutable sun squirrel
Fiery spiny mouse
Matthey's mouse
Andean rat
African marsh rat
Red-legged sun squirrel
Kemp's spiny mouse
Pygmy mouse




Six-banded armadillo
Large hairy armadillo
Lesser fairy armadillo
Northern naked-tailed armadillo
Southern three-banded armadillo
Brazilian three-banded armadillo
Common long-nosed armadillo

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