These are all the animals we could find that have tails

tailless tenrec
Cape grysbok
red goral
dwarf antelope
Arabian oryx
Günther's dik-dik
Kirk's dik-dik
European bison or wisent
red brocket
blesbok or bontebok
bearded pig
mule deer
bay duiker
Schomburgk's deer
Owston's palm civet
mountain coati
red panda
southern river otter
European otter
Sulawesi palm civet
Beddard's olingo
Jackson's mongoose
African palm civet
snow leopard
marsh mongoose
Ansorge's cusimanse
European pine marten
short-tailed mongoose
pale fox
ruddy mongoose
Cape fox
Falkland Island wolf
crab-eating mongoose
aquatic genet
striped-necked mongoose
hog badger
Chinese ferret-badger
hooded skunk
bearded seal
western hog-nosed skunk
striped polecat
yellow-throated marten
Japanese marten
yellow-bellied weasel
Malayan weasel
Malagasy civet
American mink
Eurasian badger
African striped weasel
marbled polecat
broad-striped mongoose
white-nosed coati
South American coati
ring-tailed mongoose
crab-eating raccoon
banded palm civet
small-toothed palm civet
small-spotted genet
large-spotted genet
small Indian civet
African golden cat
Indonesian mountain weasel
black-footed ferret
tropical weasel
Colombian weasel
giant otter
northern right whale dolphin
Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin
pygmy killer whale
hoary bat
big-footed myotis
red bat
black myotis
New Zealand lesser short-tailed bat
small mouse-tailed bat
Malayan tailless leaf-nosed bat
birdlike noctule
Jamaican fruit-eating bat
European free-tailed bat
Australian false vampire bat or ghost bat
northern ghost bat
spectral bat
Asian particolored bat
lesser false vampire bat
Gambian epauletted fruit bat
Kobayashi's serotine
little tube-nosed bat
greater tube-nosed bat
brown big-eared bat
painted bat
Hodgson's bat
fraternal myotis
Ikonnikov's bat
stripe-faced dunnart
slender-tailed dunnart
Ooldea dunnart
red-cheeked dunnart
speckled dasyure
Julia Creek dunnart
Kangaroo Island dunnart
Carpentarian dunnart
chestnut dunnart
white-footed dunnart
western quoll
spotted-tailed quoll
white-tailed dunnart
gray-bellied dunnart
brush-tailed phascogale
Pilbara ningaui
fat-tailed dunnart
little long-tailed dunnart
Gilbert's dunnart
hairy-footed dunnart
long-tailed dunnart
Malayan flying lemur
long-tailed fat-tailed opossum
shrewish short-tailed opossum
bushy-tailed opossum
lutrine opossum
brown four-eyed opossum
western woolly opossum
black four-eyed opossum
black-shouldered opossum
gray four-eyed opossum
elegant fat-tailed opossum
small fat-tailed opossum
velvety fat-tailed opossum
musky rat kangaroo
northern nail-tailed wallaby
red-legged pademelon
rock ringtail possum
honey possum
feathertail glider
silver-gray brushtail possum
striped possum
Doria's tree kangaroo
Lumholtz's tree kangaroo
bridled nail-tailed wallaby
long-nosed potoroo
crescent nail-tailed wallaby
Parma wallaby
brush-tailed bettong
scaly-tailed possum
mountain pygmy possum
brush-tailed rock wallaby
Proserpine rock wallaby
yellow-footed rock wallaby
long-footed potoroo
lemuroid ringtail possum
broad-faced potoroo
long-tailed pygmy possum
rock hyrax
Tehuantepec jackrabbit
mountain hare
broom hare
Sumatran rabbit
northern pika
snowshoe hare
Korean hare
Manchurian hare
scrub hare
Audubon's cottontail
marsh rabbit
pygmy rabbit
Sardinian pika
southern brown bandicoot
Kalubu echymipera
western barred bandicoot
desert bandicoot
eastern barred bandicoot
Sumatran rhinoceros
white rhinoceros
Malayan pangolin
ground pangolin
long-tailed pangolin
maned three-toed sloth
pale-throated three-toed sloth
douc langur
fat-tailed dwarf lemur
ring-tailed lemur
weasel sportive lemur
king colobus
black colobus
Japanese macaque or snow monkey
Celebes crested macaque
golden angwantibo
booted macaque
bonnet macaque
slow loris
toque macaque
Central American spider monkey
Barbary macaque
Diana tarsier
avahi or woolly lemur
spectral tarsier
Midas tamarin
northern night monkey
Bolivian titi
Javan langur
dusky titi
muriqui or woolly spider monkey
red uakari
Goeldi's marmoset or Goeldi's monkey
crowned lemur
white-eared marmoset
mongoose lemur
Weid's black-tufted-ear marmoset
Senegal galago
black-mantled tamarin
emperor tamarin
golden bamboo lemur
monk saki
bamboo lemur
white-faced capuchin
grizzled leaf monkey
Kloss's gibbon
silvery gibbon
diademed sifaka
golden-crowned sifaka
Verreaux's sifaka
Diana monkey
Dryas monkey
mona monkey
greater dwarf lemur
western red-backed vole
southern red-backed vole
Barbary striped grass mouse
bulldog rat
northern collared lemming
bank vole
brown rat
Ungava collared lemming
gray red-backed vole
Victoria collared lemming
Shikotan vole
Andean squirrel
Richardson's collared lemming
Crete spiny mouse
northern birch mouse
Bering collared lemming
bicolor-spined porcupine
dusky-footed woodrat
desert woodrat
golden spiny mouse
southern birch mouse
sagebrush vole
Brazilian porcupine
mountain paca
rock vole
long-tailed vole
short-tailed hopping mouse
four-toed jerboa
aiga vole
Luzon bushy-tailed cloud rat
dusky hopping mouse
great jerboa
prairie vole
giant rat
long-tailed hopping mouse
water vole
Gambian rat
spinifex hopping mouse
western heather vole
striped dwarf hamster
fawn hopping mouse
Korean field mouse
Mohave ground squirrel
eastern heather vole
Utah prairie dog
Mitchell's hopping mouse
Paraguay hairy dwarf porcupine
northern bog lemming
mountain giant rat
southern bog lemming
European water vole
slender squirrel
vesper rat
St. Vincent pygmy rice rat
African brush-tailed porcupine
Mt. Kahuzi climbing mouse
lesser bandicoot rat
Congo forest mouse
greater bandicoot rat
Nelson's rice rat
Ecuadorean rice rat
complex-toothed flying squirrel
Bolivar rice rat
hairy-footed flying squirrel
Boquete rice rat
giant white-tailed rat
red crested tree rat
Ord's kangaroo rat
Thomas's rice rat
Chinese dormouse
Keays's rice rat
Namdapha flying squirrel
Rajah spiny rat
light-footed rice rat
Talamancan rice rat
Manusela mosaic-tailed rat
Bramble Cay mosaic-tailed rat
Damara ground squirrel
royal vole
Flores giant tree rat
Indochinese ground squirrel
yellow-faced pocket gopher
Persian jird
Cameroon scaly-tail
Mongolian jird
silver-tailed rock rat
dwarf hutia
long-eared jerboa
Eurasian harvest mouse
Arizona pocket mouse
field vole
white-footed mouse
Evorsk vole
Japanese giant flying squirrel
ear-spot squirrel
reed vole
Kloss squirrel
tundra vole
Kinabalu squirrel
gray-bellied squirrel
Pallas's squirrel
inornate squirrel
pygmy mouse
pleasant gerbil
northern Luzon giant cloud rat
Mentawai squirrel
house mouse
Dzhungarian hamster
black-striped squirrel
spectacled dormouse
Malabar spiny dormouse
plantain squirrel
Phayre's squirrel
Prevost's squirrel
Irrawaddy squirrel
greater marsh rat
Anderson's squirrel
golden-bellied water rat
short-footed Luzon tree rat
Sumatran flying squirrel
Cape porcupine
shrew-faced squirrel
hazel dormouse
Indian crested porcupine
yellow-pine chipmunk
long-eared scaly-tailed flying squirrel
smoky mouse
cliff chipmunk
heath rat
least chipmunk
long-tailed mouse
eastern chipmunk
rock cavy
Japanese flying squirrel
Townsend's chipmunk
woolly giant rat
Siberian flying squirrel
woodland jumping mouse
rock pocket mouse
Mandarin vole
red tree vole
barren ground shrew
long-clawed shrew
vagrant shrew
Asian house shrew
Anderson's shrew
northern short-tailed shrew
desert shrew
American shrew mole
hairy-tailed mole
coast mole
Townsend's mole
least shrew
marsh shrew
large-toothed Siberian shrew
Russian desman
long-tailed shrew
smoky shrew
Gaspé shrew
slender shrew
prairie shrew
pygmy shrew
Ussuri shrew
water shrew
tundra shrew
lesser shrew
Eurasian water shrew
Laxmann's shrew
even-toothed shrew
white-toothed pygmy shrew
Pyrenean desman
southern three-banded armadillo
giant armadillo
This list has been generated automatically and therefore can contain errors, please keep that in mind.
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