Siberian ibex

Siberian ibex

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Bovidae
Subfamily : Caprinae
Species : Capra sibirica


Facts about the Siberian ibex

(Capra sibirica ) Siberian Ibex is hunted in the Altai Mountain Region at elevations of 8000-12000 feet.

Description Siberian Ibex is a large ibex, thick-legged and stoutly built, with a long, pointed chin beard and heavy, scimitar-shaped horns.

Siberian ibex is a form of the wild goat (NMDGF, 1967) *12*.

The week-old Siberian ibex is "full of pep'' and "exhibiting a strong will to survive,'' a state television newscast reported.

We organize ecological tours and photo safari in the areas, where the Siberian Ibex is found. (Full text)

Conservation Status The Siberian ibex is a common species. (Full text)

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