Giraffes and okapis

Giraffes and okapis

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Giraffidae


Animals in the family Giraffidae

Facts about the family Giraffidae, the giraffes and okapis

6 feet (80 centimeters) tall, about 35 pounds (16 kilograms) Age of maturity: 2 to 3 years Conservation status: lower risk Fun Facts • Female okapis are just slightly taller than male okapis but weigh 55 to 110 pounds (25 to 50 kilograms) more.

Adult female giraffes are called cows, adult males are called bulls and male and female babies are called calves.

As a nationally protected species, export of Okapis is strictly controlled by the DRC.

Description Upon observing the white and black stripes that cover their legs and backside, one might think that Okapis are related to the Zebra.

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The family Giraffidae is made up of only two species; the giraffe and okapi.

The giraffes are cuter.

The okapi, Okapia johnstoni, in the giraffe family, Giraffidae, is unusual among mammals in that the female is larger than the male.

The Okapis Are Home

The Okapis is a simple deer like animal now imagine you are dealing with a intelligent species bent on remaining unseen and or discovered by the human populations, for obvious reasons.

The only other member of the family Giraffidae is the okapi.

The problem with giraffes is that everyone wants to try riding one just to see if they can, but very few people will end up riding it enough to justify owning one.

Two to four short, skin covered horns are present in both sexes and there is a central swelling, between the eyes, which in northern giraffes is almost as long as the horns.

Unknown until 1901, Okapis are still very rare in zoos.

Upon observing the white and black stripes that cover their legs and backside, one might think that Okapis are related to the Zebra.

The nuclear DNA data suggested that the Antilocaprinae comprise a unique evolutionary lineage, the Cervidae and Bovidae are sister taxa while the Giraffidae is more primitive. (Full text)

The Giraffes is a Seattle-based band that featured Chris Ballew. (Wiki)

Okapis are between 4 -5 feet (1. (Full text)

A national park aiming at protecting the okapis is being created in Ituri and the position of Pygmies within it has not been defined yet. (Full text)

Primitive Rapoko Pair of Giraffes This attractive pair of giraffes is carved from brown Rapoko stone. (Full text)

Okapis are irregularly distributed over their range, preferring some kinds of forest but avoiding others. (Full text)

Which of the following about giraffes is not true? (Full text)

Giraffes - Description Giraffes are famous for being the tallest animals in the world. (Full text)

Another amazing fact about giraffes is that they do not have any problem pumping blood up to their brain on top of their long neck. (Full text)

Giraffes are one of the world's tallest mammals. (Full text)

The giraffes is that outlet. (Full text)

Giraffes are herbivores, and their long necks allow them to reach the tasty leaves and shoots of thorny acacia trees. (Full text)

Okapis are closely related to giraffes, but many people think they must be part zebra. (Full text)

Habitat Okapis are found only in the tropical rainforests of (Full text)

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