Domestic sheep

Domestic sheepThe domestic sheep (Ovis aries) descends from the Mouflon, and in 2003 evidence is proposed that Ovis aries first got domesticated about 9000 BC in Iraq and has been a source of meat, milk, wool and hides since then. There still exist two populations of wild Mouflons: the Asiatic Mouflon and the European Mouflon, although the last may be feral as some sources suggest. The domestic sheep has a highly developed herding or flocking instinct, there is no leader among the sheep. This is quite an advantage, as a shepherd is able to control a large group of sheep. Ovis Aries has a complex stomach system which allows it to digest highly fibrous food that many other mammals cannot. Estimates are there are over 1 billion sheep in the world. The Oklahoma State University has an excellent page with all different breeds of sheep (282).


Breeds of livestock - Oklahoma State University

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