Genus Clarias





Albino walking fish - Walking catfish are around 30 cm in length and have an elongated body shape.


Clarias batu - This is an elongated catfish up to 30 cm standard length.

North African catfish - It is found throughout Africa and the middle east and live in freshwater lakes, rivers, swamps, as well as human-made places, such as oxidation ponds or even urban sewer systems.



Nigerian clarias - The broadhead catfish is identified by its large dorsal fin and its short and rounded occipital process.

Clarias nieuhofii - This species can be distinguished from other Clarias catfishes, apart from the recently discovered Clarias batu and Clarias nigricans, by the greatly elongated body which gives it a remarkably eel-like appearance.


Clarias nigricans - This is an elongated catfish up to 32 cm standard length.

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Clariidae
Genus : Clarias