Silvered leaf monkey

Silvered leaf monkey

Order : Primates
Family : Cercopithecidae
Subfamily : Colobinae
Species : Trachypithecus cristatus


Facts about the silvered leaf monkey

(Vienna) FDC: S7 VN Silver Leaf Monkey: Endangered Species Series First Day of Issue: February 1, 2001 Further Information about this issue: The Silvered Leaf Monkey is a

In addition, Silvered Leaf Monkeys are quite common here.

In parts of their range, silvered leaf monkeys are still hunted as a source of meat and medicine.

The silvered leaf-monkey is a folivorous species, but this species also consumes fruits, flowers, and young shoots.

Silvered leaf-monkeys are quite timid (Full text)

The Silvered Leaf Monkey is, also called the Silvered Langur, (Full text)

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