True lemurs

True lemurs

Order : Primates
Family : Lemuridae


Animals in the family Lemuridae

Crowned lemur
Brown lemur
Black lemur
Mongoose lemur
Red-bellied lemur
Golden bamboo lemur
Ring-tailed lemur
Facts about the family Lemuridae, the true lemurs

Probably the most familiar of the true lemurs is the ring-tailed lemur.

True lemurs are placed in the family ___________.

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Lemurs (Lemuridae) Comonly misconcieved to represent all lemurs, the Lemuridae is a more specific family containing three genera and nine species.

Lemurs are all 4 families of critters, Lemuridae is one of those families, and Lemur is a genus of Lemuridae.

Only the Family Lemuridae is represented in Yowies.

The Ring-tailed lemur (and all lemurs in Family Lemuridae) is listed as endangered on the US Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Federal List of endangered and threatened wildlife and plants and also on CITES endangered list called Appendix 1 (Convention on International Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora Appendix I), last updated in June 2003.

True lemurs are primates, and are found only in Madagascar.

Zoo - monkey chow, fruits and vegetables, insects BEHAVIOR: With a few exceptions, true lemurs are diurnal.

The true lemurs are confined mostly to Madagascar and the neighboring islands . (Full text)

Lemuridae is one of the four families of lemurs and are part of a class of primates known as prosimians. (Wiki)

The only true lemurs are those classified in one of the three genera and nine species of the family Lemuridae, but there are many similar species in other families. (Full text)

True lemurs are one of five families that make up a group of animals collectively called lemurs. (Full text)

Gray, 1821 Genera Lemur Eulemur Hapalemur Prolemur Varecia Lemuridae is one of the four families of lemurs and are part of a class of primates known as prosimians. (Full text)

True lemurs are found in the wooded areas of Madagascar and the Comoro Islands, although some live in southern and central Africa, in southern Asia, and the East Indies. (Full text)

The true Lemurs are confined to Madagascar, allied species, however, being found in Africa and various parts of India and neighbouring islands. (Full text)

Fat-tailed lemur (CHEIROGALEUS MEDIUS) (LEMURIDAE) is larger. (Full text)

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