Gibbons and lesser apes

Gibbons and lesser apes

Order : Primates
Family : Hylobatidae


Animals in the family Hylobatidae

Agile gibbon
White-handed gibbon
Facts about the family Hylobatidae, the gibbons and lesser apes

Little wonder that its scientific name Hylobatidae is Greek for ‘tree walker’.

The living family Hylobatidae is often referred to as the lesser apes.

A classification and species list of the Hylobatidae is shown in Table 2.

It is at this time that Hylobatidae is believed to have evolved from their ancestor the cattarrhines (old world anthropoids), as did the Pongidae (the great apes) that would eventually give rise to the Hominidae, Homo sapiens (Jablonski et al.

the genera) of the Hylobatidae is shown in Figure 4; distribution maps of the species of the concolor group (genus Nomascus) and of the lar group (genus Hylobates) are shown in Figures 5 and 6, respectively.

De Hylobatidae is een dierenfamilie, bestaande uit twaalf gibbonsoorten, waaronder de Lar en Siamang. (Wiki)

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Our hominoid line (humans, gorillas, chimpanzees and lesser apes) is one amongst the superfamily Hominoidae. (Full text)

Evidence indicates that at least some ape hybridization (lesser apes) is indeed possible (Myers & Shafer, 1979; and Wolkin & Myers, 1980).

Our hominoid line, humans, gorillas, chimpanzees and lesser apes, is one among the superfamily Hominoidea. (Full text)

However, the flow karyotype of the white-cheeked gibbon (Hylobates concolor) (Figure 1c), which is one of the lesser apes, is quite different from the human and orangutan due to at least 31 different reciprocal translocations that have occurred during evolution from their common ancestor some 10 million years ago.

Activity and duet behavior in captive gibbons (a species of lesser apes) is stimulated when they hear an audio tape of a pair of gibbons vocalizing their territorial duet.

Gibbons are rare

Gibbons are apes, not monkeys. (Full text)

Physical Description The 12 species of gibbons are classified, referring to their size, as lesser apes.

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) All About ApesAll About Gibbons Gibbon Quizto Print-out Gibbons are rare, small, slender, long-armed, tree-dwelling apes.

HABITAT: The gibbons are represented by about 9 different species in southern China, the Malay Peninsula, Java, Borneo, and Sumatra. (Full text)

All Gibbons are listed as endangered in the wild.

Pictured with Jack Gibbons are Jack's younger brothers Gene, Danny and Jimmy who are also sons of Mike Gibbons and not Jack's cousins and sons of Tommy Gibbons as the article states. (Full text)

The Lesser Apes are gibbons. (Full text)

The lesser apes are brachiators, the greater apes are knuckle-walkers and the family of man is bipedal. (Full text)

These lesser apes are some of the most graceful and acrobatic of all primates.

The lesser apes are still very arboreal.

Hominids, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans, and "Lesser Apes" are all Hominoids.

Gibbons, considered to be lesser apes, are smaller than some monkeys. (Full text)

Several species of great and lesser apes are discussed, providing facts on physical traits, behavior, and why their existence is threatened.

Lesser apes are like the Great Apes and unlike monkeys and prosimians in the lack of a tail and basic arrangement of teeth.

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