Genus Gila


Alvord chub - The Alvord chub is a small fish, with adults ranging up to 14 cm in length, but with many half that size.


Utah chub - This chub generally follows the cyprinid body plan.


Hutton tui chub - The Tui chub's range includes the Lahontan and Central system of the Great Basin, as well as the Owens and Mojave Rivers.


Borax lake chub - This species is a dwarf form of Gila, typically reaching only 5 cm in length, although some are as long as 11 cm.


Blue chub - Relatively slender among chubs, it has larger eyes than most and a terminal mouth that extends back nearly as far as the forward edge of the eye.


Thicktail chub - The chub was a favored food of the native Indian peoples of Clear Lake and the Central Valley before being heavily exploited by commercial fishermen supplying the San Francisco market.


Humpback chub - Humpback chubs mostly consume invertebrates and, to a lesser extent, other fish.


Bonytail - A bonytail chub can grow to over 2 feet long.


Gila chub - The Gila Chub has a large, chunky body, with large, thick scales.


Salinas chub - The Charalito Saltillo is a species of ray-finned fish in the Cyprinidae family.


Chihuahua chub - The Charalito Chihuahua is a species of ray-finned fish in the Cyprinidae family.


Arroyo chub - The shape of the arroyo chub is somewhat chunky, with a deep body and thick caudal peduncle.


Yaqui chub - The Yaqui Chub has a short and rounded snout, which causes the mouth to be small and slightly subterminal.


Roundtail chub - The body is significantly larger forward of the dorsal fin, and posteriorly it is tapered towards the tail. Roundtail Chub are also described to be “trout-like” because they possess a large mouth with the lower lip outlined in black.


Virgin river chub - The Gila seminuda is restricted to the Virgin River in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Gila