Olympic marmot

Olympic marmot

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Sciuridae
Subfamily : Sciurinae
Species : Marmota olympus


Keywords: hibernate , paw

The Olympic marmot is listed as Least Concern (LR/lc), lowest risk. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

United States

Facts about the Olympic marmot

Olympic Marmot (Marmota olympus) is found only in the Olympic .

An endemic species, the Olympic marmot (Marmota olympus) is found only on the Olympic Peninsula, where it lives in high elevation meadows.

Behavior The Olympic marmot is active in the day.

The Olympic Marmot is from the order Rodentia. (Full text)

The Olympic marmot is only found on the Olympic Peninsula.

He The Olympic marmot is only found on the Olympic Peninsula.

The Olympic Marmot is indigenous to the Olympic Peninsula.

Right at Home Photograph by Melissa Farlow Pausing in the grass as it forages in the park's subalpine zone, an Olympic marmot is one of several animal and plant species and subspecies found only on the Olympic Peninsula.

While the habitat of the Olympic marmot is protected within the park, there have been local declines and extirpations in recent years.

*The Olympic Marmot is endemic to Olympic National Park

The Olympic marmot is similar in appearance to the closely related hoary marmot of the Cascade Mountains, but has different coloration on its back and more subtle markings on its feet and face.

00 ----- 16mm One of the Northwest's unique wildlife species, the Olympic marmot is introduced. (Full text)

Olympic marmots are endemic to Olympic National Park and surrounding national forest areas. (Full text)

The Olympic marmots are endemic to Olympic National Park (Olympic Peninsula) in the western section of Washington in the northwestern United States.

Behavior Olympic marmots are highly social and may live in groups of over a dozen animals.

Olympic Marmots are native only to the Peninsula.

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