White-cheeked gibbon

White-cheeked gibbon

Order : Primates
Family : Hylobatidae
Species : Hylobates leucogenys


Facts about the white-cheeked gibbon

The white-cheeked gibbon is the only gibbon that is not strictly monogamous. (Full text)

The White-cheeked gibbon is one of eleven species of gibbons and one of the more

this mamma white-cheeked gibbon is (Full text)

The average lifespan for a black and white cheeked gibbon is about 28 years.

The White-cheeked Gibbon is known for its (Full text)

This White Cheeked Gibbon is one of the zoo's attractions. (Full text)

"The successful socialisation of Meili was very important as the White-cheeked Gibbon is a critically endangered species on the brink of extinction and Meili is very precious.

Young white-cheeked gibbons are born hairless and must rely on their mothers for warmth. (Full text)

White-cheeked gibbons are the only species that can change color as many as three times during their life.

But both sexes start out identical - all baby White-cheeked gibbons are buff color

And these fellows, the white-cheeked gibbons, are from Asia.

White Cheeked Gibbons are born fawn or blonde but become black around

After a couple decades and six babies together, Archie and Edith, the Minnesota Zoo's white-cheeked gibbons, are going their separate ways.

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