Van Zyl's Golden Mole

Due to its habitat loss, the Van Zyl's Golden Mole (Cryptochloris zyli) at present is now among the 'critically endangered'. A typical Van Zyl's Golden Mole has a shiny skin of dense fur and an appearance that is- well, to use the word is amusing - formless. One would not see any ear or eye, and truth is, they could not see us either, for they are blind. Its ears are small and buried under all the fur.

Ordinarily, they live in coastal dunes and sandy lands. A Van Zyl's Golden Mole eats invertebrates and lizards (of the legless kind). Offspring of the Van Zyl's Golden Moles see the light of day (light of the earth is more apt) in a grassy cavity on the ground, and speaking of ground, they dig tunnels. During waking hours, they keep on moving. One reason for this: it keeps the temperature on the norm. Did you know this: that sleeping would be catastrophic for them if not for the fact that their muscles move when they are sleeping?

They go through torpor (inactivity) when the cold season sets in.

Scientists are not quite sure how to classify the golden moles in the animal kingdom.

Interesting fact: On the rare occasion that a person picks up a Van Zyl's Golden Mole with a shovel, it will feign death.

The Van zyl's golden mole is listed as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Namings for the Van Zyl
A young / baby of a Van Zyl is called a 'pup'. A Van Zyl group is called a 'labour,company or movement'.
South Africa

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