Genus Danio

Gold danio - In the wild, the Pearl Danio is found in along the surface of small, clear rivers and hill streams.


Danio choprae - Danio choprai or the glowlight danio is a small, schooling fish closely related to the popular zebrafish Danio rerio.


Dangila danio - Danio dangila, the Moustached Danio is a fish, and is the largest of the true Danios at up to 6 inches.


Danio feegradei - Although discovered by Hora in 1937 it was first exported in 2005


Blue danio - The Blue Danio is a peaceful, active schooling fish that is usually kept in groups.


Danio kyathit - Danio kyathit is a small, schooling species of fish in the family Cyprinidae, native to Myanmar.


Dwarf danio - In the wild, the Spotted Danio is found in rivers in a tropical climate and prefer water with a 6.


Rerio - The zebrafish is a derived member of the genus Danio.

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Danio