Green neon tetra

This fish is similar in appearance to the closely-related and better-known neon tetra, but it is slightly smaller and its red patch is less pronounced, while the blue-green areas of the upper body are more brilliant.

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The Green neon tetra lives in the pelagic, freshwater, pH range: 5.5 - 6.0, dH range: 4 environment.

To my eyes, the Green Neon Tetra is not very green, but we have to call it something. Other common names are the "False Neon Tetra" and the "Green Tetra". Other scientific names that have been used for this fish are "Cheirodon simulans" and "Hyphessobrycon simulans". More

An additional green neon tetra died on 10/9/00 after lying on the bottom, unable to swim, for over a month. He/she may have had neon tetra disease. Yet another tetra, a gold neon tetra, died on 7/2/01 after being in the 20 gallon tank for nine days. More

In the wild, the Green Neon Tetra is found in the black waters of South America. They usually live in schools of 6 or more. Omnivorous, they eat crustaceans, insects and other fish larvae. More

Green Neon Tetra, False Neon Tetra, Green Tetra Synonyms Cheirodon simulans, Hyphessobrycon simulans Sexing - Females have deeper bodies than More

Green neon tetra - Paracheirodon simulans = Buy "All About Aquariums" ebook! Green neon tetra ( common name ) let's test your knowledge! Paracheirodon simulans ( fish name )slovensky , français Share pictures More

Green neon tetra; Neon tetra; Black neon tetra; Neon goby; Fire neon; Neon damsel; Neon wrasse; Garnet tetra; Bloodfin tetra; Cardinal tetra; Yellowtail tetra; Nurse tetra; Threeline tetra; Goldencrown tetra; Dragonfin tetra; X-ray tetra; Silvertip tetra; January tetra; Longfin tetra; Firehead tetra; More

* Green neon tetra Paracheirodon simulans * Green tetra Paracheirodon simulans * Griem's tetra Hyphessobrycon griemi * Head-and-taillight tetra Hemigrammus ocellifer * January tetra Hemigrammus hyanuary More

The Green Neon Tetra is much like the Reg neon and blue neon, the tank condidtions are alike and they thrive with reg neon tetra, black neon, blue neon and the cardinal tetra to make a wonder colorful tank! With Green Neons by themselves or with More

> Green Neon Tetra, Paracheirodon simulans Options V The-Wolf View Member Profile post Jun 13 2005, 01:04 PM Post #1 Leader of the Fishes Group Icon Group: Members More

axelrodi and the Green Neon Tetra Paracheirodon simulans. It is less closely related to the hundreds of other tetra species.The Neon's specific name, innesi was give to honour the great fish expert, William T. Innis. More

The green neon tetra (Paracheirodon simulans) is a freshwater fish of the characin family (family Characidae) of order Characiformes. It is native to the upper Orinoco and Negro Rivers in South America. More

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Like the other Paracheirodon species, the green neon tetra is kept as an aquarium fish, but it is less commonly seen than either the true neon tetra or the cardinal tetra. P. simulans is also sometimes called the blue or false neon. More

Common names

Blå neon in Danish (dansk)
Blå Neontetra in Swedish (Svenska)
Blauer Neon in German (Deutsch)
Blauwe neon in Dutch (Nederlands)
False neon tetra in English
Falsk neontetra in Norwegian (Norsk)
Green neon tetra in English
Green tetra in English
Grön neon in Swedish (Svenska)
Neon in English
Neon gwer in Breton (brezhoneg)
Neon tetra in English
Paracheirodon simulans in Italian (Italiano)
Sinineontetra in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Yaşıl neon tetra in Azerbaijani (azərbaycan dili)
グリーンネオンテトラ in Japanese (日本語)
狭眶魮脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese
狹眶魮脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
类霓虹脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese
類霓虹脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Characiformes
Family : Characidae
Genus : Paracheirodon
Species : Paracheirodon simulans
Authority : G