Family Characidae












Astyanax - During the Trojan War, Andromache hid the child in Hector's tomb but the child was discovered, and his fate was debated by the Greeks, for if he were allowed to live, it was feared he would avenge his father and rebuild Troy.







Bario - The Kelabit, at approximately 5000 people, is one of the smallest ethnic groups in Sarawak.

Boehlkea - As for other schooling characins, the blue tetra should always be kept in groups of at least 6.




Brycon - Brycon is a genus of fish that are classified in the family Characidae.







Bryconops - Bryconops is a genus of South American freshwater fish of the family Characidae.





Catoprion - The wimple piranha is not traditionally considered to be a true piranha; the shape of its teeth and the presence of two rows of teeth on the upper jaw makes it different from the other piranha genera.


Charax - Charax may be:

Cheirodon - Cheirodon is a genus of fish in the Characidae family.





Colossoma - Fossils of a living species of Colossoma from the Miocene have been described, suggesting a very conservative history for a specialized herbivorous fish.









Exodon - This species is of typical elongated tetra appearance; it is light tan in appearance with two distinct black spots .








Gymnocharacinus - Gymnocharacinus bergi Steindachner, 1903








Hyphessobrycon - Hyphessobrycon is a genus of freshwater fish in the characin family of order Characiformes.



















Mimagoniates - Coelurichthys Miranda-Ribeiro, 1908


Moenkhausia - Moenkhausia is a genus of tetras in the family Characidae.




Myletes - Alestes affinis Alestes ansorgii Alestes baremoze Alestes bartoni Alestes batesii Alestes bimaculatus Alestes bouboni Alestes carmesinus Alestes comptus Alestes dentex Alestes grandisquamis Alestes humilis Alestes imbera Alestes jacksonii Alestes liebrechtsii Alestes macrophthalmus Alestes natalensis Alestes peringueyi Alestes rhodopleura Alestes schoutedeni Alestes stuhlmannii Alestes taeniurus Alestes tessmanni Alestes tholloni






Nans - Nans is the name or part of the name of several communes in France:








Ossubtus - It originates from the Xingu River basin, but is restricted to the rapids area around Altamira City, Pará, Brazil.



Paracheirodon - Paracheirodon is a genus of freshwater fish in the characin family of order Characiformes.













Planaltina - Originally a municipality of the state of Goiás dating from before the eighteenth century, it had part of its territory integrated into the new Federal District, when the capital was transferred from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília in 1960.


Poptella - Poptella is a genus of fish in the Characidae family.


Priocharax - See text.


Pristella - Pristella maxillaris is a small, adaptable fish that is easily kept in a home aquarium and will eat most prepared foods.

Pristobrycon - Pristobrycon is a genus of piranhas.










Pygocentrus - Pygocentrus is a genus of the piranha family Characidae.


Pygopristis - Pygopristis has pentacuspid teeth and a middle cusp that is usually only slightly larger than the other cusps.







Roeboides - See text.




Scissor - Scissors and shears exist in a wide variety of forms depending on their intended uses.





Serrasalmus - The genus Serrasalmus consists of several species of piranhas in subfamily Serrasalminae of the family Characidae.




Stygichthys - Stygichthys typhlops is a species of fish in the Characidae family and the only member of the genus Stygichthys.


Thayeria - See text.









Order : Characiformes
Family : Characidae