Brycinus fwaensis

The Brycinus fwaensis lives in the pelagic, freshwater environment.

Species Summary: Brycinus fwaensis, You can sponsor this page, ... Family - Search Result: Brycinus carolinae, 10.4 SL. Brycinus derhami, 8.2 SL. Brycinus fwaensis, Brycinus imberi, Spot-tail, 19.8 TL. Brycinus intermedius, 8.0 SL. Brycinus kingsleyae, 16.55 SL. ... http://www.funet. More

Common names

刚果非洲脂鲤 in Mandarin Chinese
刚果非洲脂鲤 in Unknown
剛果非洲脂鯉 in Mandarin Chinese
剛果非洲脂鯉 in Unknown

Order : Characiformes
Family : Alestidae
Genus : Brycinus
Species : Brycinus fwaensis
Authority : G